Organic Maps: les notícies i novetats més recents del nostre equip

The major June update and a follow-up OSM data-only update (with a hotfix for the iOS app hanging) were successfully published and are available in all app stores and on our GitHub.

Thanks to Viktar Havaka, now you can search for the US zip codes and UK postcodes! The external address data is taken from the TIGER database and Ordnance Survey, and pre-processed by Nominatim project used in OpenStreetMap search.

Another major feature is street name announcements during the navigation, contributed by Will Bradley. Please enable it in OM settings, and let us know about any issues.

A long-awaited iOS iCloud synchronization is also available, thanks to Kiryl Kaveryn. Please enable it in OM settings (you will be offered to back up all your bookmarks and tracks first) and report any issues.

Bookmarks and tracks GPX export is also ready, in addition to the existing KML (KMZ) export. It will become very handy when we finish the long-awaited Track Recorder feature. Kudos to cyber-toad!

As always, thanks to everyone for your contributions, donations, support, and positive reviews. They motivate and inspire our team!

General changes and fixes:

  • new OpenStreetMap data as of June 13
  • search for US zip codes and UK (GB) postcodes -- by Viktar Havaka
  • street name announcements in verbal TTS turn instructions (please enable it in settings) -- by Will Bradley
  • export bookmarks and tracks in GPX file format -- by cyber-toad and Kiryl Kaveryn
  • add, edit, and display web links to menus of restaurants, bars, and food services -- by Arthur Gayot and Kiryl Kaveryn
  • fix missing addresses in fitness center details
  • add "pastry" and "cakes" search keywords
  • fix Wikipedia links that contain a question mark


  • export bookmarks and tracks to a local device
  • always show the next turn (in navigation mode)
  • add an Exit button to navigation notifications
  • improved OSM user profile settings page -- by Harry Bond
  • fix display of stop points in the ruler and transit mode for RTL languages

Android Auto:

  • use compass and location data from car sensors -- by Andrew Shkrob
  • update the UI for the main and category screens -- by Andrew Shkrob


  • iCloud bookmarks and tracks synchronization (please enable it in settings) -- by Kiryl Kaveryn
  • use the map when CarPlay is connected -- by Oleg Montak
  • fix CarPlay text color in dark mode
  • more TTS voice options
  • TTS turn announcements interrupt podcasts instead of ducking them
  • fix some buttons that disappeared when adding a place to the map
  • fix place details not updated after a bookmark's edit
  • fix the non-business hours button in the Editor to work after midnight

Mobile Linux and Desktop versions:

  • improve selected place details dialog

Updated Czech, German, and Portuguese translations.

🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

Now you can subscribe to RSS or ATOM news feeds in English (other languages are also available in corresponding /lang/ folders, but not all news articles are translater).

Any help to update the website is appreciated!

Organic Maps now backs up and syncs all bookmarks and tracks using iCloud! You can also use it on the Mac with the Apple Silicon processor.

Read the article in German:

As we're working now on the Recent Track for Android and Track Recorder for iOS and Android, it would be great to hear your real use-cases, where and why do you need it, in more details. And how to make these features in the easiest-to-use way, so even your grandma and grandpa can use them.

The best ideas and examples from other apps are also welcome. Any feedback in our Telegram, Matrix or by email is appreciated ❤️❤️❤️

The May 2024 Organic Maps update (get it here) supports bookmarks and tracks sorting by name, paved paths are white, and unpaved ones are brown. And there are so many other changes and fixes, thanks to our contributors! Update and enjoy, and don't forget to update maps too. And donate to support the open-source, community-driven, privacy-focused maps project!


  • upgraded to the new OpenStreetMap authentication method (OAuth 2). All previously authenticated users must re-login!
  • new OpenStreetMap data as of April 29
  • sort bookmarks and tracks in a list by name
  • more feature types could be added to OSM now, e.g. marketplaces, taxi stands, kiosks, wilderness huts, garden centers, historic aircraft, cannons, boundary stones, tombs, etc.
  • show the availability of Drive-through service for selected POIs
  • ability to toggle Drive through in the OSM editor
  • simplify handling of multiple languages feature names in the OSM editor and fix related bugs
  • show "Can't find a suitable category?" message hint in the OSM editor
  • elevator icon instead of "stairs" for displaying the level number of selected POI
  • fix missing local language name versions for selected POIs
  • better visible in dark mode $ emoji for paid map features
  • improve bicycle routing for some cases


  • import .gpx and .gpx.xml files from Google Files app
  • retain routing origin point upon re-opening the app
  • night theme fixes
  • fix router mode always changing to public transport if the subway layer was active
  • fix buttons overlap in landscape navigation mode
  • fix freezes on Samsung A50
  • fix the incorrect state of the "Keep Search History" setting if toggled two times


  • fix isolines reminder being displayed on top of other dialogs
  • fix circular downloading progress bar layout in selected POIs
  • fix On/Off button icons
  • fix the alignment of RTL languages in the bottom menu
  • fix bug allowing to add the same language two times in the OSM editor
  • correct location of "more" menu in bookmark lists
  • default email client is supported for bug reports

Mobile Linux and Mac (Windows is possible too!):

  • add route marking buttons to place pages
  • add an "Exit" menu option and keyboard shortcuts for all menu entries
  • improve font clarity on MDPI screens


  • display difficult or indistinct hiking trails as brown-dotted, extreme/expert or indiscernible ones as black sparse dotted
  • dark blue lines for dedicated cycleways
  • blue lines under white/brown dashes for shared bicycle/pedestrian paths, or over white dashes for segregated ones
  • more consistency in displaying paved paths as white dashed lines, unpaved ones as brown dashed
  • roads visible under semi-transparent bridge outlines
  • added scree and shingle areas; better color of bare rock surfaces
  • stop displaying vacant/unused shops
  • added natural=stone (displayed as natural=rock), miniature golf
  • separate public transport shelters, basic huts and lean-tos from generic shelters
  • added icons for animal enclosures and dry cleaning; updated laundry icon
  • fix too small font size for smaller cities
  • make city labels visible at higher zooms
  • reduce the opacity of indigenous lands hatching fill
  • don't display nature reserves' hatching fill and icon/caption on very detailed zooms


  • category search improvements (padel, subway stations, wilderness huts, etc.)
  • searchable drinking water refills (participating cafes, etc.)
  • made private swimming pools not searchable
  • type ?wiki in the search to highlight Wikipedia articles on the map
  • tuned category search ranking

Updated Basque, German, Greek, and Slovak translations

You can check the recording of the Zoom session organized by OpenStreetMap Ghana with Ilya Zverev presenting Organic Maps!

Did you try Organic Maps on Linux? We use it on Mac and Linux for development 🧑‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻, so it's not yet as user-friendly as it is on iOS and Android.

P.S. Windows version is also possible with a bit of love and support. Any volunteering help is welcome!

Can you guess the places we visited with Organic Maps? Enable sound to enjoy the full experience 🎵

The full text and mp3 is here.

Thank you for inspiring and supporting us!

Please enjoy and share another song created by one of our users about Organic Maps, now in a different style 🎶

Did you like the previous one?

The anthem of community-driven privacy and freedom

The anthem of community-driven privacy and freedom
(Verse 1)
Organic Maps, no tracking in sight,
Community-driven, with privacy right.
No ads, no traps, just maps with flair,
Navigate with freedom, we're beyond compare.

No tracking! No crapware! No pesticides!
Organic Maps, where freedom resides!
Navigate with privacy, feel the vibe,
Community-driven, let's take the ride.

(Verse 2)
Open-source, no data grab,
Offline maps, with trails to nab.
Cycling routes, hiking trails, all in view,
Voice guidance, privacy true.

No tracking! No crapware! No pesticides!
Organic Maps, where freedom resides!
Navigate with privacy, feel the vibe,
Community-driven, let's take the ride.

Blazing fast, privacy intact,
Simple to use, that's a fact.
No tracking, just maps so clear,
Navigate with Organic, have no fear.

Try us out, see what's in store,
Freedom's our motto, now and forevermore.
Organic Maps, leading the way,
Navigate with privacy, every day.

One of our users has generated a song about Organic Maps. How does it sound to you? 😄

Update: there is also another song in a different style, hope you enjoy it too! 🎵🎵🎵

Travel with Organic Maps song

Travel with Organic Maps
(Verse 1)
Beneath the twinkling stars, I stroll hand in hand,
With Organic Maps, exploring enchanted lands.
From Eiffel's gentle glow to Iceland's black sand shore,
Every step a melody, every sight, pure amore.

(Verse 2)
Through Rome's timeless Colosseum, echoes of history's might,
And Egypt's majestic pyramids, kissing the sun's light.
Organic Maps, a faithful guide, whispers tales of yore,
In its embrace, I find solace, forevermore.

Travel with Organic Maps, a symphony of peace,
From OpenStreetMap's embrace, all worries cease.
Crafted with love, by volunteers' tender care,
Every destination, a moment rare.

So let's dance along, in this magical flight,
With Organic Maps, our hearts take flight.
In every corner of this earth we roam,
With Organic Maps, we'll always find home.

We're also happy that we make our users happy 🙃

Let us announce the March/April release (install here) and welcome new contributors:

  • Isira-Seneviratne made their first contribution in #7494
  • Mannivu made their first contribution in #7547
  • Usland123 made their first contribution in #7571
  • muralito made their first contribution in #7574
  • renderexpert made their first contribution in #7618
  • kavikhalique made their first contribution in #7664
  • abhibana made their first contribution in #5047
  • griffinonacid made their first contribution in #7734
  • alnzrv made their first contribution in #7750

Don’t like or miss something in Organic Maps? Fix it, or ask your friends to fix it 😉

Here is the full list of changes. And don’t forget to rate Organic Maps in Google Play, AppStore, Huawei AppGallery and donate to support the development of the best maps app!

  • Better isolines elevation data for European countries, thanks to Sonny
  • OpenStreetMap data as of March 26
  • Bookmark lists are sorted by modification time (recent at the top)
  • Eye icons for visible/hidden bookmark lists
  • Many new objects can be added to OpenStreetMap: various shops and crafts, BBQs, food courts, lang schools, cairns, money transfer points, etc.
  • Add "wheelchair" to the search input to limit results to wheelchair-accessible
  • Searchable orders pickup points (shop=outpost)


  • Distance and time do not freeze anymore in CarPlay
  • Fixed wrong time and distance when switching planned route modes
  • Fixed the wrong 'saved bookmark' icon
  • Added a long tap back button menu


  • OpenStreetMap login works again!
  • Made the "View On Map" search results button bigger and with a caption -- by a new contributor kavikhalique!
  • Fixed button overlaps in landscape route building for RTL languages -- also by kavikhalique
  • Fixed crash when importing GPX, KML, KMZ from the Files app
  • Serbian TTS voice
  • Button to open system TTS settings in voice options
  • Deleted bookmark lists are properly removed
  • Removed ripples effect from sliding tabs in search

Android Auto 🚘:

  • FreeDrive screen
  • Navigation is automatically starting
  • Faster bookmarks screen

Linux desktop/mobile version:

  • Place information page is much more user-friendly

Map styling:

  • Added wind turbines and power plant icons
  • Reduced visibilities of many outdoors-specific POIs when in the main map style, e.g., waterfalls, mountain peaks, shelters, power towers, etc. (use the Outdoors style for those!)
  • More consistent font sizes and caption appearances

Translations updates:

  • Slovak, Italian, Spanish, Hindi
  • Fixed police, parking, and sights category search for simplified Chinese

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

🌎 Six new languages have been added to website.

  • Estonian
  • Galician
  • Lithuanian
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu
  • Welsh

All other languages have been updated from Weblate as well.

Kudos to everybody who contributed translations via Weblate (

Please kindly review website in your language and submit any corrections to

An article about Organic Maps for Android Auto, and OM advantages compared to other maps:

Let's build the best Ad-Free, Open-Source, Privacy-First maps together!

We have added additional currencies and payment methods to our donation page to minimize transaction fees.

Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal:

S€PA 🇪🇺 bank transfer with 0% fee:

IBAN:BE39 9672 0031 0319
Bank name:Wise
Bank address:Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

See other currencies here.


BTC: bc1qjkq3tpy2gutsfdlcvys8slkempywk230u8rc8u
ETH: 0x1D59bBe5d4332e34116DccDE5c1a8c736E1C2810
USDT+TRX: TNQGZwAUCpwy1cuVSyu1vc6AT19nsmWqRF

See more networks here.

Your donations are sponsoring the development and scaling of Organic Maps, and greatly motivate our team. Maintaining a project with more than one million users would not be possible without your support!

Can't donate now? Check other ways to support the project, or join our contributors team!

Interested in seeing public transport, satellite imagery, track recording, or other features in Organic Maps? We are open for Google Summer of Code 2024 proposals from motivated contributors/students, read more here

OpenStreetMap login was fixed in Google Play. Please install the latest Organic Maps update, and enjoy updating the map! Don't forget that you can edit anything directly at the website.

Now everyone can back up or share all bookmarks and imported tracks as one KMZ file with just one click! And then import everything back from the same file.

Apple users can now edit colors of imported tracks and have a more convenient way of editing bookmarks. And don't forget to check our updated About dialog!

The March update is already available in all app stores. An apk for Android is also available on our GitHub if you want to install the latest Organic Maps version immediately when we publish the release, without any delays caused by slow reviews or publishing. This apk can be installed together with Organic Maps from other app stores! We also plan to add notifications about available GitHub apk updates, similar to what Obtainium already does.

Here is a more detailed list of changes:

  • OSM map data as of February 28
  • Share/export/backup all bookmarks as a single KMZ file readable by Organic Maps and Google Earth
  • Show when drinking water is available 🚰 or not 🚱 when selecting an object
  • Show elevation and recycling container types in search results
  • Included wheelchair accessibility information on place pages
  • Bus stops and platforms now display their number or letter
  • The routing options panel is no longer displayed when using the Ruler
  • Fixed wrong negative altitude display
  • Routing properly ignores roads under construction

Android only:

  • Our GitHub ("web") apk now can be installed in parallel to Organic Maps from other app stores
  • Fixed import of one or more GPX/KML/KMZ files from File Explorer, GPS Logger, and some other apps
  • Move Speed Cam preference into the Voice Instruction preference menu
  • Fixed several crashes
  • More app tips for the TTS test button

iOS only:

  • Track colors can be edited
  • Change a bookmark or track color by pressing the color icon in the list
  • Easier editing of bookmarks and tracks using the (i) button in the Bookmarks and Tracks dialog
  • Redesigned the About dialog
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Consistent search bars
  • Updated the primary app color
  • Renamed Night Mode to Appearance as it follows the system setting
  • Bottom buttons are better tappable

Style improvements:

  • Added Aboriginal Lands
  • Made road tunnels more transparent
  • Lighter buildings and labels in the Dark style
  • Fixed small fonts for islands, bus stations and ferry terminals on detailed zooms
  • Fixed inconsistencies in road labels

Our beloved contributors have updated French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Slovak, and Spanish translations.

Did you know we have started building a FAQ section on our website? You can help to populate and translate it!

We hope you are enjoying Organic Maps (we kindly call it OM) as we are enjoying it. Let's improve OM together! Your donations and support are warmly welcomed! They help to speed up the development, improvements and bugfixes.

📣 Call for Participation: Seeking Technical Writers for Google Season of Docs 2024

Organic Maps is applying to participate in Google Season of Docs 2024 (

Are you passionate about clear communication and simplifying complex technical concepts? As a technical writer, you'll play a crucial role in shaping the user experience of our product. Your contributions will help users navigate our platform with ease and confidence. Whether it's creating user guides, writing FAQs, or crafting help documentation, your words will make a difference. Do you have a knack for crafting user-friendly guides and documentation? If so, we invite you to join us in an exciting opportunity!

Please follow the link below to learn how to participate in Google Season of Docs 2024 program:


If you missed it, the February 2024 Organic Maps update is already available in Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, and AppStore.

Thanks to our contributors ❤️, there is a big list of changes!

  • OpenStreetMap data as of February 2
  • Restroom emoji for places with toilets
  • Display parking operator
  • More precise turn notifications for small distances
  • Fixed absent speed limit on some speed cameras
  • Open Location Codes (OLC, Plus Codes) search shows results relative to the current position and to the screen center
  • Fixed crash in search
  • Name editing for playgrounds
  • Parse coordinates from OpenStreetMap links
  • Allow editing of Greek names for Cyprus
  • Hindi support
  • Better and more precise search on the map, more relevant search results in the list
  • Removed "Continue detecting your location?" dialog, now location search can be stopped by pressing the "rotating radar" location button


  • Fixed Spanish and Portuguese TTS languages
  • Fixed KML, KMZ, GPX import crash
  • Fixed KMZ import from WhatsApp
  • Show what is copied to the clipboard on the lock screen for Android 13+
  • Fixed blurry buttons on Android 5

Android Auto:

  • Fixed indefinite loading
  • Fixed World map download
  • Show addresses on the Search Screen


  • Current position is properly updated when returning back to the app
  • Improved the look of search bars
  • Auto Light/Dark theme setting is synced with the system
  • Properly display a longer cuisines list
  • Fixed location services permissions request for the first app start
  • Reduced the navigation screen top bar height

Map styles:

  • Orange color for secondary roads
  • Wider and brighter white tertiary roads
  • Nicer looking on- and off-ramp road links joins
  • Raised visibility of secondary and tertiary road links
  • Less bright farmlands color
  • Smaller mountain passes/saddles icons
  • Reduced visibilities of mountain saddles (compared to passes)
  • New ford icon
  • Made hospital and clinic icons look different
  • Reduced visibility of light rail stations
  • Added Boston and updated Taipei subway icons
  • Fixed Delhi subway entrance icons, Minsk & Spb subway captions on detailed zoom
  • Increased font size of towns and suburbs labels and decreased for neighborhoods
  • Fixed bookmark icon for water parks
  • Adjust the visibilities of many POIs

Outdoors map style:

  • Increased 50m & 100m contour lines visibilities
  • Raised visibility of campsites, survey points, toilets, and touristic information features
  • New power tower and flagpole/mast icons
  • Made bridleways to be the same brown color as paths
  • Increased contrast of footways on overview zooms

Car navigation map style:

  • Added toilets, convenience stores
  • Reduced visibilities of artwork features and subway station captions
  • Bigger roundabout exit number

Updated Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Finnish, French, Romanian, Slovak, and Ukrainian translations

Donate to support the development and scaling of the better Google Maps alternative!

A list of articles about Organic Maps we have recently found on the web. Read, enjoy, share! A bit of organic word-of-mouth marketing doesn't hurt 😉

  1. Organic Maps, an alternative to Google Maps
  2. Let Google Maps rest, this is the app that's coming to replace it, it's free and it doesn't spy on you
  3. Esta alternativa a Google Maps es de código abierto y permite la navegación GPS sin conexión
  4. Adiós a Google Maps y Wikiloc: así es Organic Maps, la avanzada apps de mapas que no necesita conexión
  5. Abandona Google Maps con esta otra app que sí cuida tu privacidad en Android y iOS

Android Auto is finally available in Google Play. Many thanks to the team and beta testers!

P.S. Don't forget to update maps after updating the app to see all improvements and avoid unexpected issues.

A humble request to the whole community: please enter detailed information about the bugs on our GitHub. Otherwise, it may be lost and the bugs may not be fixed.

If you can help someone else, please do. We are grateful for any saved bit of time 🙏

Is building routes easier or more complex in Organic Maps compared to other apps? Can it be done even more conveniently/with less clicks? How to make it easier for new users to discover the way to build a route in OM?

Here is an article with a user's opinion.

In 2023 Organic Maps got its first million users. It would not be possible to scale without the help from our beloved community. A million thanks for your energy and time, your donations and support 🙏 ❤️ 🍃

In 2023:

  • New features were added, including GPX import, Ruler tool, Outdoors map style, Background voice directions, Android Auto (in Google's review now), and others (see our news for details)
  • 15 app updates and hotfixes were released
  • A lot of improvements for the search and routing, map icons and styles, and general usability
  • 4.6 average rating on Google Play from 7,372 users
  • 4.8 rating on the AppStore from 2717 users
  • 1992 commits from 167 contributors on Github
  • 960 merged Pull Requests
  • 724 closed issues (almost 2000 open issues left to fix/implement 💪)
  • Total 7710 stars on GitHub
  • More than a thousand support emails were answered
  • Almost 9K edits and map contributions in OpenStreetMap

It's possible to do even more in 2024 if we get enough donations to scale the infrastructure, reward our contributors, or hire a full-time working team. One of our goals is to provide a privacy-focused map alternative to Google and Apple Maps. Another goal is to educate and engage more users in contributing to OpenStreetMap. Good map quality means happier hikers, cyclists, drivers, locals, tourists, and explorers. Happier everyone!

Check our Donations page to sneak-peak the roadmap, and subscribe to our Telegram Channel or to the matrix space for updates, or follow OM on Fosstodon,, Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn.

And finally, install the December 2023 release! We have prepared several Christmas 🎅 and New Year presents 🎁 for you:

  • Android Auto is in review, you can test it by joining a beta program in Google Play after telling us your gmail 🤖 🚗 -- kudos to Andrew Shkrob
  • Outdoors map style for hiking, cycling, and exploring Nature (make sure you've updated maps to the latest version!) 🥾 🏕️ 🚣 🚵 -- a long-time work by Konstantin Pastbin
  • Search for village addresses without streets in Austria, Czechia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and some other countries (the addr:place OSM tag, and other search improvements too) -- by Viktor Govako
  • Type "skiing" or "ski run" to find downhill and Nordic pistes ⛷️ 🏂 🚡
  • OpenStreetMap map data as of December 13
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Multiple KML files can be imported from a single KMZ file, as the first pre-requisite to backup all bookmarks and tracks -- by cyber-toad
  • A credit card 💳 is displayed for selected places with ATM
  • A dollar emoji 💲 is displayed where a fee is required -- both by David Martinez
  • Prettified website links in Place Page
  • You can open a browser to check photos, reviews, and prices for some hotels. Every booking and every donation contribute to the development of Organic Maps!


  • We need your feedback on how to improve Android Auto! Tell us your gmail address and join the closed beta program on Google Play
  • Open addresses from Contacts, Calendar, and other apps -- by Roman Tsisyk
  • "Keep Search History" setting for better privacy -- by Bukkapatnam Sandilya
  • Connect your phone to TV with Samsung DeX -- by Meenbeese
  • Fix missing buttons when OM is restarted during navigation
  • Minor interface fixes and improvements -- by Jean-Baptiste and Kiryl Kaveryn
  • Fixed wrong voice language for the TTS Test button -- by Gonzalo Pesquero

Most iOS fixes by Kiryl Kaveryn

  • Fixed freezing on iOS 13, 14
  • "Zoom in to see isolines" message does not cover buttons
  • CarPlay Search button now properly shows search results -- by Fabian Wüthrich
  • Improved user interface for the Search on iPad

Styles -- a lot of fixes by Konstantin Pastbin

  • Any feedback on the Outdoors style is appreciated
  • Singapore metro icon -- RedAuburn
  • Hackerspace -- RedAuburn
  • Fix Porto metro icon -- Matheus Gomes
  • Fixed residential leisure garden area fills disappearing on some zoom levels
  • Display house numbers regardless of buildings' sizes
  • Fine-tuned priorities of many POIs in the main style
  • Less "gaps" in highways on the World map
  • Removed very short ferry lines from the World map


  • Improved Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Russian translations
  • Added Dutch, French, Polish, Romanian, and Russian translations for edition Opening Hours instructions
  • Fixed missing parking translations


  • Show Wikipedia articles in a separate dialog
  • Touchscreen pinch-zoom support -- by Ferenc-

We wish you Organic Christmas and Organic New Year!

Thanks for the support! Someone got it right. Together with the OpenStreetMap community and you, our beloved users, we will create fast and easy-to-use, privacy-focused maps for everyone. 🚀

Does anyone use OpenCollective? Is it worth collecting donations there? Please share your experience!

In addition to other donation methods, you can support Organic Maps development there too:

 A hotfix update of Organic Maps for iOS is available, it fixes freezes when any object is selected on the map on iOS 12, 13 and 14.

Do you like that beautiful place on the OpenStreetMap?

On this International Volunteer Day, we are sharing our gratitude to everyone who helps us to develop and maintain Organic Maps, the community-built project. Together, we can make the best OpenStreetMap-based maps for anyone on the Planet 🙏

This release was delayed due to OpenStreetMap vandalism, and due to a longer testing of many fixes and changes prepared by our contributors.


  • New OpenStreetMap data as of November 13, 2023
  • It is possible to zoom in deeper now and see more POIs in dense areas
  • Outdoors map style preview (please read on to know how to activate it)
  • Added an experimental referral link "Details on Kayak" for some hotels that are already present in OpenStreetMap. Booking a hotel using this link will give a few dollars to Organic Maps as a donation toward the project development. This is not expected to bring in much, but every dollar counts. Remember, that Organic Maps doesn’t collect or share any information about you or your device. Please be aware that Kayak may have tracking on their website like most other websites, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • "Inertial" kinetic scroll improvements
  • Removed max limit to search bookmarks
  • Brands are displayed on the Place Page


  • Fixed import of bookmarks in KMB format from Maps.Me -- kudos to strump
  • Fixed missing system location indicator at the right top of the Android screen -- rtsisyk
  • Disabled the screen wake lock by default to improve power-saving -- rtsisyk
  • Corrected the location search indication when the map is moved or zoomed -- rtsisyk
  • Smoother corners for the place page -- Vinod Patil
  • Landscape layout for About screen and other theme color fixes -- Jean-Baptiste

iOS -- most changes are done by Kiryl Kaveryn

  • Removed the bottom tab bar to show more map on the screen
  • Removed the unnecessary "route" button on the map (tap or long-tap a place on the map or select a search result to build a route using the "Route To" button instead)
  • Highlighted the Route To button and hinted the FAQ for new users
  • Fixed CarPlay dark/light mode colors
  • Fixed keyboard input on iPadOS 15+ -- Keith Conger

Routing -- vng

  • Don't route through access=emergency, military, agricultural, forestry
  • Tuned ferry crossing estimations
  • Improved cross-country and cross-region routing
  • Improved residential routes

Search -- vng

  • Process platz-pl like strasse-str
  • Improved address matching
  • Improved search of brands

Map Styling -- kudos to RedAuburn, pastk, map-per, dvdmrtnz, vng, RicoElectrico

  • Added flowerbeds, rental shops, bicycle rentals, motorcycle repairs, petting zoo, prison areas, compressed air
  • Added nature reserves and military zones rendering to the car navigation mode
  • Added Docklands Light Railway, Porto metro
  • Display names of ski pistes
  • Tuned/updated icons of fitness center, yoga, theatre, artwork, statue, theme park, bbq, lighthouse, windmill, heliport & helipad, hunting stand, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, paid & private versions of parking and parking entrances, convenience, deli, farm, grocery, health food, tobacco shops
  • Better farmyard & garage landuse area fills
  • Increased scrubs, alpine huts visibility
  • Updated sanitary dump station icons and adjusted their priority
  • Reduced visibility of cave entrances and improved the icon
  • Increased visibility of standalone house numbers
  • Reduced Tokyo subway visibility -- kudos to charlie2clarke
  • Removed minor road markers/shields cluttering the map in Estonia
  • Fix colors of Estonia and Germany road markers/shields
  • Increased visibilities of road markers/shields on tertiary and residential roads
  • Fixed "gaps" in some densely mapped lines
  • Fixed "gaps" in the outlines of bridges and other compound lines

Outdoors map style preview

  • Tailored for out-of-the-city outdoor activities like hiking, backcountry cycling/MTB, 4x4, etc.
  • Emphasizes paths/tracks, cliffs, railways, powerlines, rivers and streams, water sources, peaks, mountain saddles and passes, waterfalls, lighthouses, caves, viewpoints, campsites, huts, shelters, picnic sites, gates, stiles, fords, etc.
  • Make sure to update your downloaded maps!
  • Enable by typing ?olight in the search field and return to the map; type ?light to switch back to the main style
  • Use ?odark and ?dark for a dark style
  • Android and iOS developers wanted to help with adding a nice UI for style switching!


  • Improved "avoid …" routing options wording
  • Improved Arabic, Basque, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Marathi, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Sweden, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese translations

Checking in at SOTM EU 2023 in Antwerp. Organic Maps (OM) would not be possible without the OpenStreetMap (OSM) community. Thanks to everyone who volunteers and improves the Map!

We aim to create easy-to-use maps for everyone on the Planet while respecting privacy and keeping the code open. It is hard to do alone, so we are looking for motivated community members who can lead the development of the complex features (better OSM editor, Public Transport, traffic info, user-generated content, and many more), help with scaling app support, and promote OpenStreetMap and Organic Maps. The more users know about OM, the more users know about OSM. More OSM contributors mean better quality map data for everyone. That's a win-win!

P.S. The app update is coming soon, please stay tuned!

Organic Maps shares the 5th and 6th place on the list of most popular OSM editors together with Rapid!

A short announcement before the details about the September Organic Maps release. We are looking for volunteers to help us in different areas. A lot of interesting and challenging work (did you already check 1800+ issues on Github? 💪) awaits on the open-source, community-built road to the best, fastest 🚀, easy-to-use 👴 👵 🧒, and privacy-focused maps. Want to help us with the app and website development, marketing, PR, financing, user support, or in any other way? Say [email protected].

If we get enough money, we can significantly speed up the development by hiring a full-time team and rewarding the most active contributors. If we get more users, we get more donations. Donate and spread the word 💸! Let's call it Organic Crowdfunding 💰

Several new features are available in the September update. You can easily measure distance and build straight-line routes in the same way as you are building other routes, and even simpler, with a single tap! We called it Helicopter Routing but then decided to rename into the Ruler to avoid confusion. Another new Android feature is background voice directions. Now Organic Maps can talk with you from your pocket 🙂

  • New OSM maps data as of September 20
  • Added new route type "Ruler" (aka Helicopter Routing) to measure straight distances quickly, many thanks to Sergiy @strump for bringing it to life!
  • Set decimal and grouping separators depending on the system locale, thanks to Gonzalo @gpesquero
  • Removed annoying zoom in route planning mode
  • Parking entrances are searchable now
  • Improved street matching and results relevance (thanks to Viktar @vng for all search improvements!)
  • Search for grocery and houseware
  • Caves can be added in the Editor
  • Improved Arabic, Polish, and Spanish translations


  • Background voice and directions, thanks to Roman @rtsisyk
  • Fixed "Wait..." dialog on startup on Android 13 with many downloaded maps on SD card (thanks to Viktar again!)
  • Fixed distance on the route preview panel (thanks to Sergiy again!)
  • Fixed the blue arrow icon on the location button on Android 5 and 6 devices, thanks to Michał @RicoElectrico
  • Voice test in the settings menu (again, thanks to Gonzalo!)
  • Fixed backurl API parameter
  • Do not pause music when the screen is rotated (credits to Roman again!)
  • Fixed bug with the invisible color of imported GPX tracks


  • Fixed Open/Closed shown sometimes in gray color

Ferenc @Ferenc- made Linux improvements:

  • Add positioning support via GeoClue2
  • Use OpenGL ES 3.0 instead of desktop OpenGL

Map styling was done mostly by Konstantin @pastk, David @dvdmrtnz, Harry @RedAuburn, and @map-per:

  • New or updated icons for factory, winery, bookcase, library, brothel, bicycle repair station, bicycle rental, bicycle parking, sauna, lottery, bookmaker, massage, sewing, books, underground parking, disabled parking space, gate, excrement bags vending, wholesale shop, outdoor seating, handicraft, grinding mill, caterer, HVAC, key cutter and locksmith. That's a long list, huh?
  • Added vehicle inspection, public bath, strip club, gambling, cycle barrier, waterways (drain, ditch, moat, wastewater), aquarium, assembly point, adult gaming center, amusement arcade, Mormon churches, visitor center, industrial mine, historical objects (cannon, anchor, stone, aircraft, tank, mine, wreck, locomotive). Even longer list!
  • Added bridges and tunnels rendering for cycleways, footways, paths, tracks, bridleways, steps
  • Render barrier=ditch differently from waterway=ditch
  • Reduced priorities of river names (and of other lower-importance lines) in navigation mode
  • Tuned road names and road shield priorities
  • Fixed icons display for parking buildings
  • Reduced visibility of minor and private parking icons, removed area fill for underground parking
  • Reduced fire hydrants visibility
  • Display house numbers above icons and main POI captions, and don’t display house numbers for buildings that are too small for the current zoom level
  • Don't display star icons for squares
  • Fine-tune house numbers font and drawing priority
  • Added highway-pedestrian, bridleway, and cycleway lines for detailed zooms (z18-) in navigation mode
  • Pedestrian tunnels are not visible in navigation mode

We are infinitely grateful to everyone who helps us and donates. Organic Maps would not be possible without our users and our contributors ♥️ 🙏 🤟

Please vote for us again on HackerNews!

The referenced article provides an interesting perspective on Organic Maps from a user in the US.

The OSM data issue mentioned in the article should be fixed in the upcoming Organic Maps update. Stay tuned!

We are looking for someone (or for a team) experienced with zola (or hugo) static website generators to improve our current website for mobiles and desktops. There are many tasks there from redesign to adding new sections, languages and translations. Please let us know if you are interested at [email protected]

The source code of the current website is available on Github.

Planned improvements are also there in the issues list, we will update it with more details soon.

While many are enjoying their holidays, our community and contributors are creating better maps! Thanks ♥️ to everyone who helps and supports us, it motivates us more and more 🚀

August Organic Maps update is available in Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, AppStore, and soon should be available in FDroid too.

  • New OpenStreetMap maps data as of August 14. We're grateful to the OSM for their work and congratulate the community on their 19th OSM birthday!
  • Updated more than a year old Wikipedia articles, thanks to Evan Lloyd New-Schmidt, who replaced an old, rate-limited online Wikipedia parser with a new blazing-fast, offline wiki dump processing, written in Rust. Maybe someday we'll rewrite our core algorithms in Rust too 😂
  • Added missing isolines for some regions of Argentina, Chile, Kazakhstan, Tibet, USA, and Russia (that obviously increased map sizes in these regions), made isolines denser in many other areas and reduced many other map sizes too. How? It's code magic 🪄 by Konstantin Pastbin
  • Import comments from GPX cmt tag and treat GPX track segments as part of the singular track they belong to (all GPX joy comes from @cyber-toad contribution 🙏)
  • Fixed a bug when editing social contacts, thanks to Sergiy Kozyr
  • Dog Park can now be added in the Editor, thanks to our beloved and talented QA volunteer Jean-Baptiste!
  • Updated Persian voice directions


  • Fixed blank screen bug on Nexus 5X
  • Fixed “…more” buttons in bookmark lists
  • Replaced the Twitter logo


Routing would not improve without our cofounder and algorithms guru Viktar Havaka!

  • Updated road surface factors for car routing profile
  • Better pedestrian routing in Turkey and Georgia
  • Fixed cross-region routing when "avoid …" options are enabled

Search… guess what? It's also Viktar's work!

  • Fixed search for addresses in Czech and Slovakia
  • Improved street matching
  • Do not filter duplicated search results except for very close bus stops
  • Better ranking when searching by category
  • Fixed search by a house name
  • Faster search on the map screen
  • RedAuburn, our contributor 🙏, has removed Tourist Information, Place of Worship, Park, Information Board, and Tourist Map from the Sightseeings category to avoid map cluttering

Styles have been greatly refactored by Konstantin on our way to separate styles for outdoor, cycling, driving, city tourism, and other activities:

  • Added ferry routes to the World map
  • RedAuburn removed the square background from parking icons and did many other parking improvements. It took a lot of time, but we did it together 👍
  • Added separate icons for paid and private parking
  • Made the bicycle parking icon differ more from the motorcycle one
  • Updated parking entrance icon
  • Street-side and lane parkings use a smaller icon and appear later when zooming in
  • Added motorcycle parking and parking entrance icons to the navigation mode
  • Fixed motorway=trunk links visibility in navigation mode
  • Improved motorway=trunk colors
  • Removed too small isolines at overview zoom levels
  • Added Tehran metro icon
  • Revamped priorities system, especially for POIs
  • Many other fixes and enhancements

Follow our news at , donate, and support us to build the fastest, most detailed, easiest-to-use maps together!

Read about 1700km, 5 months, 4 major South African rivers, solo canoe trip with Organic Maps!

Meet the July release of Organic Maps! Note that this release crashes on Nexus 5X (and maybe on some other older devices), but we're working on a fix.

Get Organic Maps from App Store, Google Play, F-Droid, Huawei AppGallery.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Fresh OpenStreetMap data as of July 10, 2023
  • Fixed crash when rendering large OSM area objects
  • GPX files with uppercase extension are properly imported
  • Faster loading of bookmarks and tracks
  • Support altitude, OsmAnd and Garmin colors in imported GPX tracks
  • Fixed pedestrian ETA for big slopes
  • Prefer tertiary roads to service roads in car routing
  • Better Devanagari (Marathi) font


  • GPX files are open from some mail clients and file browsers
  • Share button has been moved to the Place Page
  • Fixed crash on bookmark when Place Page is closing


  • Bookmark lists descriptions are now displayed and saved properly
  • Show coordinates in Open Location Code (OLC), UTM, MRGS, and formats on click and copy coordinates on a long tap


  • Improved search results ranking
  • Fixed shop categories search
  • Fixed airport search results with empty names


  • Improve visibility and findability of highway services and rest areas
  • Added second-hand category, auction, collectors shops, turnstile & exit
  • Fixed underwater tunnels not being visible
  • Fixed areal water tunnels being drawn over other areas
  • Introduced more detailed railway-rail-* types
  • Fixed railway-abandoned/preserved bridges
  • Added a bridge structure outline man_made-bridge
  • Added community center, conference center, exhibition center, events venue
  • Increased shop icons priority
  • Added boundary=protected_area


  • Updated Catalan, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish translations

Mac and Linux:

  • Use Qt6 instead of Qt5, please report any errors or issues
  • Added preference for larger map font size
  • Feature's layer is displayed in the Place Page

Donate and spread the word if you like Organic Maps!

… OpenStreetMap is well known by the geospatial community, but does the average person use it? To help answer this question this week Ed welcomes Roman Tsisyk to the podcast. Roman, a co-founder of Organic Maps, the most widely used consumer-facing, OSM-based mapping service. In their discussion, Ed and Roman explain the differences users experience with Google Maps vs OSM and discuss how the two can work together. Organic Maps is a privacy-focused, open-source fork of app. The offline feature makes it particularly convenient for travellers, hikers, and cyclists. Listen as Roman explains how he and his team use the power of community to keep evolving their maps, and why having "regular people" contribute to mapping is so important.

GPX import is now supported in Organic Maps! You don't need to convert your GPX tracks into KML anymore.

Many thanks to @cyber-toad, who patiently fixed all our review comments, polished and finished the code started by dvdmrtnz. And, of course, kudos ❤️ to all our users, community, and contributors who support us in many different ways. We can build the best maps together!

Get Organic Maps in the App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery. The F-Droid build, as usual, fails, but we hope it will be fixed soon.

Other notable changes in this release:

  • New OpenStreetMap data as of June 2, 2023
  • GPX import support
  • Fixed disappearing bookmark lists when wrong characters were saved in a bookmark name or description
  • Improved car and bicycle routing


  • Fixed bug that prevented upload of OSM edits when on battery power
  • MRGS and UTM coordinates support (tap on coordinates to change)
  • Now compass works on devices without a gyroscope
  • Prevent clicks through the navigation mode header and routing menu
  • Fixed missing Wikipedia descriptions
  • Decreased TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice speed
  • Fixed non-working KML, KMZ, and GPX import notifications


  • Fixed non-working Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexico) voice directions languages
  • Fixed crashes for KML, KMZ, and GPX imports
  • Fixed repeated imports of the same file


  • Fixed funicular icon
  • Changed desert color in the dark mode
  • Added Fish Pass
  • New Icon for Parcel Locker
  • Fixed icon for northernmost Munich underground station


  • Translations for opening hours picker
  • Corrected Basque, Belarusian, British, English, and Ukrainian translations


  • Fixed bookmarks dialog color in the dark mode

Roman, co-founder of Organic Maps, speaks about FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software), our project, and other interesting things. Donate and spread the word to support the development of privacy-focused offline maps!

It was a busy time for our team and our beloved contributors. We prepared a new app and map data update for you. Also, this year, Organic Maps got 4 slots in the Google Summer of Code 2023 program, for the following features:

  1. Android Auto.
  2. Better user interface for mobile and desktop Linux, Mac, and Windows (Windows still require some. porting to build and run OM)
  3. Wikipedia parser to get fresh Wikipedia articles (now we use outdated dump as of spring 2022).
  4. Better map styling system to support Outdoor, Cycling, Driving, Tourism, and other custom layers.

We hope that our students will manage to finish their tasks this year and make Organic Maps better.

As always, please let us know about bugs and issues in the app, and fix all map-related issues at

  • New OpenStreetMap data as of May 3
  • Implemented search for interpolated odd/even house numbers
  • Faster rendering of subway layer
  • Fixed wrong postcodes in Paris
  • Fixed Wikipedia links missing for some objects
  • Fixed car routing via roundabouts
  • Improved English, German, and Portuguese (Brazil) translations


  • Enabled TTS for Portuguese (Brazil) and Español (México)
  • Fixed location detection over a network on some devices
  • Fixed cut text in some dialogs
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed the non-working "hide zoom buttons" settings option


  • Enabled TTS for Basque, Marathi, and Norwegian (Bokmål). Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexico) TTS will be fixed in the next update.


  • Changed gate icon
  • Changed the Lyon subway icon
  • Fixed road shields for some interstate roads in the US
  • Fixed priority of water areas overlapping other features
  • Added camera shop, interior_decoration, antiques, art, cheese shop


  • Fixed OpenGL issues on some devices. Organic Maps should now work on Wayland devices.

Install Organic Maps from here:

You can easily find the nearest cannabis 🌿 store with the latest Organic Maps update! Android users can test the experimental lanes suggestion while driving (don’t forget to add lanes in your city if they are not added yet in Navigation directions should now display correctly on iPads. This update introduces new shops, such as pet grooming, motorcycle repair, and locksmithing among others. Together with our beloved contributors, we’re constantly improving Organic Maps to make it The Best Maps App! Please check out the full list of improvements:

  • New OpenStreetMaps data as of March 29
  • Localized links for the OSM wiki page
  • Correctly import KML bookmarks with track data
  • Allow adding music and musical_instruments in the Editor
  • Sewing shops and haberdasheries are searchable
  • Distinguish supermarkets and convenience stores


  • Navigation directions are now correctly displayed on iPad
  • Replaced uphill and downhill icons with more clear arrows
  • Disable 3D buildings preference if power saving is enabled


  • Experimental lane assistant
  • Fixed wrong location arrow position during navigation
  • Fixed Bookmark's color picker in RTL mode
  • Properly display speed and distance in navigation mode
  • Fixed Crosshair API
  • Replaced uphill and downhill icons with more clear arrows
  • Disable 3D buildings preference if power saving is enabled
  • Zoom buttons can be hidden from the settings
  • Enable Hebrew and Indonesian app localizations for Android 13+
  • Improved error handling for advanced opening time editor
  • Enabled displaying of bookmark list description
  • Rotation doesn't break the World Map download for FDroid
  • Fix crash in OsmLoginFragment
  • Use dark theme for the Alert dialog
  • Do not close the bottom sheet when opening bookmarks


  • New shop types: agrarian, appliance, bed, outpost, gas, key cutter, locksmith, carpet, motorcycle repair, pet grooming, hi-fi, bathroom furnishing, curtain, fashion accessories, cannabis, herbalist
  • Added money transfer, bicycle charging stations, power plant
  • Made captions mandatory for capitals with a star icon
  • Made park, forest, and scrub colors different
  • Added metal construction icons
  • Improved aerial ways, cable cars, power lines, fences
  • Reduced Barcelona subway visibility
  • Fixed isolines that are drawn over buildings, roads, etc.
  • Fixed some POI captions displayed earlier than their icons


  • Improved German, Turkish, Belarusian, Hungarian translations
  • Improved Arabic TTS instructions


  • Changed displayed name to Organic Maps
  • OM version is selectable in About

Install Organic Maps from the AppStore, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, FDroid or Flathub!

Finally, iPad users can use their keyboards without Organic Maps freezing, and Android users can enjoy reading Wiki articles for bookmarked places 😉 We've also improved the search function, particularly for users who search by categories. Specifically, we've separated vegan and vegetarian cuisine searches 🌱and added some new POI types, such as psychotherapist, speech therapist, audiologist, and blood donation center, which were previously grouped under one 'healthcare' tag.

Here's a complete list of what's new in this version, which is available in the AppStore, Google Play, FDroid, Huawei AppGallery:


  • New OpenStreetMap data as of February 27
  • Fixed and improved search
  • Split vegan and vegetarian cuisines in search
  • Fixed styles for airports, land uses, waterways, and hatching fill areas
  • Some smaller areas are not obscured by large ones anymore
  • Added healthcare specialists: alternative, audiologist, blood_donation, optometrist, podiatrist, psychotherapist, sample_collection, speech_therapist
  • Added communication towers, loading docks, solar, wind, gas, and hydropower generators
  • Fixed the Bilbao metro icon
  • Historic ruins can now be added in the Editor
  • Improved Arabic, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Turkish translations


  • Fixed freeze on iPad when a keyboard is connected
  • Fixed unnecessary double click on the route button
  • Removed duplicated floors and zip/postal code cells
  • Enabled OpenStreetMap editor notes for all selected places


  • Wiki articles are now clickable and visible for bookmarks
  • Fixed opening email from the Place Information Page (PP)
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Removed the "Description" label and "More" button when a POI is selected on the map
  • Redesigned the Help dialog
  • Fixed some not displayed complex opening hours
  • Correctly display multiline names in the Download Maps dialog
  • Fixed missing Traditional Chinese localization

We are grateful 🙏 to everyone who contributes the code, translations, or supports us with good reviews and donations!

OpenStreetMap and Organic Maps helped Dr. Bilgehan Çevik, a Turkish doctor, to get to the damaged areas in the first hours after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. His message to the mappers: “Thank you all, you are doing really great work”.

How was your adventure with Organic Maps? Please share your stories, they motivate us and our contributors to improve Organic Maps! Here is one:

This release includes the updated map data for Turkey and Syria, including the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team changes after the recent earthquake. Accurate maps are crucial in disaster response, as they may assist with better planning and navigation for those who help on the ground. We appreciate everyone who has ever contributed to the OpenStreetMap. If you would like to start contributing now, please follow this link.

The list of changes in this Organic Maps release:

  • New OpenStreetMap data as of February 10
  • Filtered incorrect search results in both the list and on the map
  • Improved next-turn notifications for shorter distances
  • Better icons for main and secondary building entrances
  • Improved Persian and fixed some errors in the Polish and German translations


  • Fixed crash on opening
  • Fixed not visible error messages in the Editor


See more examples of our API and URL schemes for both Android and iOS at

We are excited to announce our first update of 2023. We’ve included a comprehensive list of improvements, as always, thanks to the support and input from our dedicated Organic Maps community. Great work by all of us. 🙏

  • New OpenStreetMap data as of January 21, 2023
  • Fixed import of some KML tracks
  • Automatic search for the current position in 30 hours of inactivity instead of 8 hours
  • Improved search categories results
  • Proper spelling of Australia in search results
  • leisure=track is now searchable

iOS 🍏

  • Fixed invisible text hints in Settings in the dark theme

Android 🤖

  • Enabled Basque, Belarussian, Croatian, Norwegian, Marathi, Swahili languages in TTS

Routing 🚗

  • Proper handling of elevation for hiking and cycling
  • Fixed inter-region routing
  • Fixed routing via some bridges
  • Busways are supported
  • Added Croatia to Schengen area

Styles 🎨

  • Fixed Buenos Aires metro icons
  • Added Bowling Alley
  • Fixed historic=fountain and tourism=information-office icon
  • Equal icon sizes for springs & hot springs

Editor 🗺️

  • Allowed editing names with /\°[] symbols
  • Added amenity=public_bookcase
  • Increased the maximum editable building floors from 25 to 50

Translations 🌐

  • Fixed Brazil, Czech, French, Hungarian, Spanish (Mexican), Turkish
  • Fixed TTS translations for Finnish and Portuguese

Linux 🖥️

  • Import upper-case KML and KMZ files on case-sensitive Linux file systems
  • Use Organic Maps server to check if a connection is alive

We are looking for volunteers who can help us to prepare and translate Whats New for upcoming releases for all app stores and for our website on a more or less regular basis. Or for any other ways to help us speed up the translation process not only for Whats New, but also for other texts. Any ideas and help are appreciated! Want to peek at the full list of changes?

The full list of languages is available here for Android and here for iOS. We can add all languages to our website (its other pages are translated now using Weblate).

Drop us an email if you are interested at [email protected]

Congratulations to the with 10M registered users! Organic Maps would not be possible without OSM.

Is there anyone speaking Hindi, who can help with proof-reading the translations?

How are you planning your trips? Which tools, apps, or web services are you using? Please share it with us, and let's brainstorm how Organic Maps can be improved.

We wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅 and a Happy New Year 🎄! The best gift for us is to know that we are doing The Right Thing and that our time and efforts are helping someone on the Planet 🌎. Meet our small gift 🎁 to you: a New Year's release of Organic Maps is available in AppStore, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, and FDroid!

We have to fix a lot of issues and implement many features (1200+ on our GitHub at the moment). Many of them are about improving the app. Some features are more complex and can be done as separate, independent open projects. For example, places photos and reviews, road traffic database, public transport service, cloud sync and backup, online maps, web editor for trip planning, map styles editor, travel guides, API/SDK for other apps, etc. Here you can help by donating, participating, or even leading such a project!

The main goal of the Organic Maps project is to create an open and privacy-friendly alternative to existing proprietary maps. With your donations, help, and support, we can reach this goal sooner while providing all services for free to everyone. Also, please let us know if you are aware of any grants that may help with the development of Organic Maps. For example, this grant can be used by contributors in Germany.

And, finally, here is the list of all changes in the New Year update:


  • New OpenStreetMap data as of December 16, 2022
  • Improved routing algorithm (there are still some issues to fix, please let us know!)
  • No more routing over highway=construction 🙂
  • Support multiple track geometry in KML files
  • Fixed KML 2.3 track import from OpenTracks
  • Faster parsing and rendering of complex KML tracks
  • Allow adding some shops, galleries, music schools in the Map Editor
  • Improved city borders in search results


  • Fixed "Enable Location" system dialog in some cases
  • Fixed crash in split mode & on portrait/landscape rotation
  • More reliable compass arrow in Place Page
  • Improved texts display in Help dialog
  • New Mastodon icon


  • Settings & routing options headers are visible now in the Night Mode
  • Fixed crash when displaying the menu

Map Styles:

  • Improved, less bright icons in Night mode
  • Fixed subway icons in some cities
  • Properly draw barriers for areas and relations
  • Fixed duplicated names on the world map
  • Updated cave, mountain pass, peak, volcano, emergency phone, historic ship, ice cream, nightclub, music shop, stadium, video games icons
  • Fixed wrong priorities of leisure=pitch, historic, post office
  • More consistent filled/round icons (round means some kind of business/service)


  • TTS (Text-To-Speech) for Brazil, Mexican Spanish and Norwegian
  • Fixed German and Hungarian search strings
  • Updated Czech, Spanish translations

Many thanks to our community for your invaluable help, and many thanks to our users for choosing Organic Maps! 🙏 🙏 🙏

🎇 🎈 🎉 🎊 🎄 🎆

It's inspiring to know that what we do helps people. Organic Maps is great for many outdoor activities, including hiking. If you are considering the Alps 🏔 for mountain hiking, you can turn to the experts on this subject: The Hiking Club. They have a successful history of preparing and planning for long mountain trips.

The Hiking Club recommends Organic Maps to all their clients, so they can easily import a thoroughly prepared KML file with all significant features and descriptions. And that's great, because the most important thing in the mountains is not to get lost, and to save your device's battery. And here we are (in our humble opinion 😉) the best!

It is easy to import/open bookmarks and tracks/trails in Organic Maps. Select KML or KMZ file (zipped KML), then "Open with..." and select Organic Maps app. Or, for Android, you can select "Import Bookmarks" from Bookmarks dialog, and then choose a drive or a folder with your KML/KMZ. By the way, GPX support is also planned.

In the future, we want to make route and trip planning even more convenient. Stay tuned for our news and updates. And many thanks to everyone who supports our free app and our small team of enthusiasts with words, deeds, and donations!

Meet the second November update of Organic Maps! Enjoy your travels and share your experience with us. Let's make the best privacy-focused, fastest and easiest to use offline maps together!

What was done in this release:

iOS 

  • Secondary title in the local language is now displayed on the Place Page
  • Fixed Organic Maps Matrix room link in Help dialog
  • Fixed opening URLs with # and ? symbols
  • Update About menu item
  • Removed gray line from the menu
  • Place Page properly displays 1 hour left before the place closes

Android 🤖

  • The blue arrow is properly centered inside the position icon
  • Links to our website in Help dialog are localized (en, ru, it, tr are supported at the moment, please help us with site translations)
  • Fixed navigation menu visible under navbar in some cases
  • The distance to search results in the list is now properly displayed

Styles 🗺️

  • Added healthcare=physiotherapist
  • Fixed some wrong icons displayed on top of each other
  • Added highway=busway type
  • place=island and place=archipelago are now visible on the World map
  • Fixed leisure area style
  • Properly render waterway=dam as a background area
  • Fixed water incorrectly drawn over the pier

Translations 🌐

  • Added Estonian translations, thanks to Aulo Aasmaa @auloaasmaa!
  • Updated Czech, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Turkish translations
  • Fixed missing RV category translations for search
  • Fixed non-working Catalan categories search
  • Use Metro instead of Subway for en-GB

Desktop 🖥️ (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)

  • Fixed build errors on GCC-12
  • Fixed map dragging using the mouse
  • "+" key zooms in the map
  • Use high-resolution icons on high-DPI displays on Macs
  • Improve documentation about running WSL and desktop app (native Windows version is still in progress, please let us know if you are interested in it)

Now, in addition to Telegram, [matrix], Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can follow us on Mastodon. Well, actually on Fosstodon 😉

After a one-week review delay, Organic Maps October/November update is finally available in Google Play. See the detailed list of changes and improvements on our web site. Your feedback and support are appreciated 🙏

October/November update of Organic Maps with many fixes and improvements is avaliable in FDroid. See the full list of changes on our web site or in Telegram. Many thanks to all our users and contributors. Your donations and support are motivating and helping us to improve the fastest maps app in the world 😉

For those impatient, here is the Google Play APK, the same as was uploaded several days ago in Google Play for review. It should install on top of your existing Google Play version without conflicts. And it should be 100% compatible with the upcoming Google Play release (if it is approved by Google, of course).


Finally, after fixing some critical issues, the November Organic Maps update is available in the Apple Store, Huawei AppGallery, and on our Github. Google Play and FDroid are coming soon too.

Here is the full list of improvements, kudos to our contributors and our small team:

  • New OSM data as of October 29
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Dump corrupted KMLs to the log on startup
  • Do not strip non-ASCII characters from exported bookmark files
  • Simplify/smooth road altitudes chart

Routing and Navigation:

  • Show "Roads to avoid" options and warnings on the route also for walking, cycling, and metro routes
  • Fixed some routing issues, including wrong routing via highway exits/links
  • Enable Catalan TTS
  • Show speed camera on tap


  • Show all found results on the map screen
  • Improved villages search
  • Show only matched categories if they were selected from the list, not names
  • Fixed street synonyms for nordic languages


  • Use regional metro/subway icons for entrances and stations
  • Added brewery, plumber, tailor, carpenter, sawmill, beekeeper, blacksmith, electrician, painter, and other craft icons
  • Added natural=shrubbery, natural=desert, leisure=dance, amenity=charging_station-motorcar, and more barrier types
  • Draw international airport icon on z7-9
  • Draw metro for major cities starting from z12
  • Do not draw railway station icon for building=train_station
  • Updated icons for garden, park, forest, national park, nature reserve, power, chimney
  • Add historic battlefield, gallows, pillory, memorial cross, stolperstein and war_memorial
  • Fixed historic=* priority
  • Support sauna=yes tags
  • Better colors for natural=scrub
  • Draw entrance icon instead of a dot


  • Improved detecting current position
  • Crossed out target icon means that you need to press it to detect current position
  • Suggest turning on networking location service if it is disabled
  • Hide system bars in full-screen mode
  • On Android 13+ you can change OM language
  • Use non-bold font in the Place Page title
  • Properly handle notch on Android 8.1+
  • Keep transparent status bar only on the map screen
  • Fix crash on exit split screen
  • Fix crash on login to OSM
  • Fix crash in the "Location is disabled" dialog
  • Crosshair API now supports "cll=lat,lon" argument to center the map
  • Remove unused BATTERY_STATS system permission
  • Use numbers for transit intermediate points
  • Add missing icons in the editor
  • Improve Wikipedia description in the Place Page

iOS Place Page:

  • Use system 12/24h time format
  • Show Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons links

Mac & Linux Desktop version:

  • Fixed search indicator in Viewport mode
  • Fixed search table update, now old results are always replaced by new ones


  • Use larger, more geographically significant names for Oregon maps in Downloader
  • Updated Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Turkish translations

Finally, the September update was approved by Google and is available in the Google Play Store. Please see the full changelog here. It was a long delay, but we didn’t wait and worked hard together with our community on many issues. Please stay tuned for the upcoming October update 😉

Organic Maps is participating in Hacktoberfest. You are welcome to contribute to the development of free, privacy-friendly, open-source maps that work offline anywhere and have so many map details thanks to OpenStreetMap. Choose any issue in our 1K+ issues list, and contribute! There are also other ways to support the project, including donations. We are very grateful for all your feedback and support.

As some of you have already discovered, a new September update of Organic Maps is already available in AppStore, AppGallery, and F-Droid. Google Play update is delayed because we hot-fixed a few interface-related issues. Hopefully, it will also be available in the upcoming days!

The coolest change is a fresh new look for Android (kudos to Arnaud Vergnet and all other contributors!), but let's check the full list of changes (and don’t forget to support us in many ways, including donations):

  • New OSM maps data as of September 12
  • Fixed wrong elevation data between -1,-1 and 1,1 latitudes and longitudes
  • Fixed crash on startup after editing some OSM objects
  • Bookmark lists are now sorted by recently modified time (sorting by name is planned!)
  • Improved displaying of the next street name directions


  • Show features in the viewport at the top of search results
  • Significantly speedup some search scenarios
  • Improved category ranking & address search.
  • Fixed highlighted hotel search results icon on the map
  • Improved German category search


  • Replaced bottom toolbar with buttons for better UX and map visibility (now you see more map than before!)
  • Improved toolbars, buttons and their positioning in different modes (please report any misalignment, we’ll fix it!)
  • Fixed "gray location arrow" when device's time is incorrect (it’s better to sync your device’s time with network servers)
  • Splash screen respects the dark mode
  • Themed icon for Android 13
  • Fixed displaying hotel rating in search results
  • Fixed Search dialog appearance animation
  • Note to OSM editors is not covered by a keyboard anymore
  • Increased the font size of the exit number
  • Improved OSM login page UX and OSM profile


  • Partially fixed annoying "Continue detecting location" dialog when returning to OM
  • Use the same system font everywhere
  • Use the default mail app on iOS 14 to report a bug
  • Enabled Catalan translations


  • Added missing translations for craft=* and residential gardens
  • Added/fixed Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Catalan, Turkish, Belarusian translations
  • Enabled Catalan TTS (Text-To-Speech)
  • Localized some Telegram and Instagram links

Styles and icons:

  • Added driving_school, music_school, language_school, archaeological_site, craft-painter
  • Removed backgrounds from historic cemetery icons
  • Added different castle types: castrum, fortified_church, fortress, hillfort, kremlin, manor, palace & shiro
  • Increased visibility of education & some sports
  • Separated furniture & kitchen types
  • Better looking leisure=track
  • Fixed vending=fuel icon

We have updated donation methods, now it’s even easier to support the development of Organic Maps!

🤖Finally, Organic Maps August update is also available in Google Play, Fdroid, Huawei AppGallery, and Flathub (iOS version passed review earlier). Thanks to all our contributors, supporters, and users, the app goes better and better with each update 😉


  • New data as of August 16
  • Longer routes are calculated faster
  • Search should work way better and faster now
  • Reduced size of mwm files
  • Restored WunderLINQ support (yes, we have an API! Check
  • Disabled Vulkan for Mali-G71 to fix path rendering
  • Support wikimedia_commons tag
  • Fixed crash when selecting some objects on the map

User Interface:

  • Unified Place Page and Editor UI layout
  • Replaced altitude difference to ascent and descent
  • Show POI level in Place Page
  • Show "Map data from OpenStreetMap" in the splash screen. Yes, many users don't get it.
  • Fixed advanced timetable editor layout


  • Fixed roundabout number
  • Increased visibility of next street
  • Fixed font in navigation progress bar

Search improvements:

  • Fixed issue when some found objects were not highlighted on the map
  • Removed common street search synonyms like parkway, path, line, walk, trail, etc.
  • Fixed coordinates search if the query contains a newline
  • Ignore non-relevant search results for coordinates
  • Better search for capitals
  • Treat 'emergency' as a last-choice feature type
  • Added Catalan street search synonyms
  • Properly filter equal streets in search results

Map styles:

  • Improved visibility of military areas and boundaries
  • Show disabled parking spaces
  • Do not draw icon for residential gardens
  • Render farm yard
  • Add parking_entrance
  • Add playground and internet cafe icon
  • Add second_hand and charity
  • Add table_tennis, volleyball, beachvolleyball, skateboard, chess, padel, handball, futsal, hockey, badminton, pelota
  • Removed background circles from non-business icons


  • Updated Arabic translations and TTS texts
  • Added missing translations for place=*
  • Belarusian translations of countries
  • Added missing Turkish translations

🍏 Meet many improvements in the Organic Maps update for iOS!


  • New data as of August 16
  • Longer routes are calculated faster
  • Search should work way better and faster now
  • Reduced size of mwm files
  • Restored WunderLINQ support (yes, we have the API!)

User Interface:

  • Unified Place Page and Editor UI layout
  • Replaced altitude difference to ascent and descent
  • Show POI level in Place Page
  • Social media contacts are displayed on Place Page and Editor
  • Show "Opens in"/"Closes in" in Place Page
  • Fixed animation for side buttons


  • Improved speed limit displaying for CarPlay (red for overspeed)
  • Fixed roundabout number
  • Increased visibility of next street

Search improvements:

  • Fixed issue when some found objects were not highlighted on the map
  • Removed common street search synonyms like parkway, path, line, walk, trail, etc.
  • Fixed coordinates search if a query contains a newline
  • Ignore non-relevant search results for coordinates
  • Better search for capitals
  • Treat 'emergency' as a last-choice feature type
  • Added Catalan street search synonyms
  • Properly filter equal streets in search results

Map styles:

  • Improved visibility of military areas and boundaries
  • Show disabled parking spaces
  • Do not draw icons for residential gardens
  • Render farm yard
  • Add parking_entrance
  • Add playground and internet cafe icon
  • Add second_hand and charity
  • Add table_tennis, volleyball, beachvolleyball, skateboard, chess, padel, handball, futsal, hockey, badminton, pelota
  • Removed background circles from icons


  • Updated Arabic translations and TTS texts
  • Added missing translations for place=*
  • Belarusian translations of countries
  • Added missing Turkish translations

Finally, Organic Maps 2022.07.27 is also available on Google Play. Release notes are here.

Organic Maps 2022.07.27 is available on FDroid! Release notes are here.

New update 2022.07.27 is already available in AppStore and Huawei AppGallery but is still reviewed in other stores. The detailed changelog for all platforms:

  • New OSM data as of July 18, 2022
  • Added missing shop types from OpenStreetMap tags: antiques, art, baby_goods, bag, boutique, charity, cheese, craft, dairy, deli, electrical, farm, fishing, grocery, health_food, houseware, interior_decoration, kitchen, lottery, medical_supply, nutrition_supplements, paint, pastry, perfumery, second_hand, sewing, storage_rental, tobacco, trade, watches, wholesale
  • Properly select max speed in some routing cases
  • sport=* tags have higher priority than leisure=pitch
  • Fill transit mark place page with feature info
  • Show text info about the next turn's street longer
  • Use building:min_level for 3D buildings
  • Allow removing cuisines from selection in the Editor
  • Fix Belarusian, German, Russian, and Ukrainian translations
  • Add missing translations for OSM natural=* and amenity=events_venue types


  • Fixed and updated API support. Now you can select a point on the map and return it back to your app. See for more details, check our API examples for Android, or let us know if you are interested in integrating Organic Maps with your app.
  • Fixed invisible paths and trails on Mali-G72 Huawei devices
  • Fix Facebook URLs validation
  • Limited bottom sheet menu title to max 3 lines
  • Show only one back arrow in bookmark search
  • Fixed padding of bookmark categories


  • Show "Open"/"Opens in"/"Closes in" in search results
  • Show speed limit near the current speed in navigation mode


  • Fix assertion failure in ES3 scenario on Linux, now OM should work on mobile Linux too

FDroid update 2022.07.01-6-FDroid with a crash fix for Public Transport is finally available. We also got several reports from users that paths/tracks are not drawn in some map areas in the most recent version. Please let us know if you encounter it.

Google Play and FDroid updates are also available. Please note that FDroid build is not the latest one, it crashes with public transport routes. The fix should be available in upcoming days. The changelog is here.

New app update 2022.07.01 is available on AppStore and AppGalery.

Changelog for all platforms:

  • Prettify pattern lines drawing (also fixes crash on some older devices)
  • Icons for information=board/map
  • Fixed categories search with stop words
  • Made all existing sports searchable
  • amenity=parking can be added on the map via Editor
  • Fixed place=square visibility at 16+ zoom level
  • Made streams & rivers visible on the beach
  • Made hedges and power lines less contrast
  • Improved Portuguese (Brasil), Spanish, Italian, French, and Euskara translations
  • Enabled Marathi translation

Also for Android:

  • Updated Place Page style
  • Show "Opens in"/"Closes in" in search results

Fdroid and Google Play updates are finally available. Please let us know about any issues. And even better, please, contribute and donate! Organic Maps is Open Source, and there are many ways to support the development. Have a safe traveling! 🗺️

The June release is available only in the AppStore and Huawei AppGallery, the FDroid update is delayed for technical reasons and the Google Play update is still in review for more than one week. Maybe it’s not so bad, as we expect potential crashes on some older Android devices in that release and forgot to activate Marathi translations. No worries, these and other issues have already been fixed and soon will be available in another update 😉

Here is the changelog for the June update:

  • New OSM data as of June 13, 2022
  • Improved routing and fixed many cross-region issues when the route failed with the error
  • Nicer fences, city walls, paths/tracks, waterfalls, fountains & drinking_water
  • Added icons for guidepost, plaque, bicycle rental
  • Typing category like "food" in the search also matches features' names
  • Added cliffs, embankments, bicycle repair stations, graves, water tunnels, craft=*
  • Townhalls and some crafts can be added in the Editor
  • Road shields for Cyprus
  • Better displaying of the next turn street
  • [iOS] Layers of area styles are rendered properly
  • [Android] Logs fallback to internal storage

Please send us some examples of KMZ and GPZ files with embedded icons, it will help to properly implement custom icons feature:

A hotfix Android release (May 31) is available in stores:

  • Fixed disappearing of downloaded maps files bug introduced in the last release. If you were affected, please open "Save maps to" in OM settings and switch to "Internal private storage" (with a /data/data/... path). Then tap OK to move maps, and all your disappeared maps will be back shortly! After that, you can switch to a storage option of your choice.
  • Fixed crash for some routes.
  • Do not draw place=region on the World map.

Please see previous release notes for more details.

Meet the May Organic Maps update! Here is the changelog:

All platforms:

  • New OSM data as of May 15, 2022
  • Improved car and pedestrian directions
  • Improved cross-region routing
  • Fixed some pedestrian/bike/car routing issues
  • Some performance optimizations
  • Fixed some translations
  • Added Marathi language
  • Added Devanagari font


  • Allow using emulated storage for downloads
  • Fixed GPS search on start
  • Fixed accidental position jumps near WiFi


  • Fixed low memory crash for car routing
  • Fixed opening non-ASCII URLs and URLs without http(s)

Note that the FDroid version is still not published, we're working on it.

A new April update of Organic Maps is live in all stores!

Here is the changelog:

  • Updated OSM maps data as of April 15, 2022
  • Experimental Wikipedia articles everywhere
  • Improved car route directions
  • Some speed and battery optimizations
  • Many routing improvements
  • Fixed subway routing in some cities
  • Added Euskara (Basque) translations
  • Improved Italian and DE translations
  • More often oneway arrows
  • Removed town halls and gardens from sightseeing
  • Get phone from "mobile" OSM tag
  • Add more vending_machine types
  • Added landuse=education
  • Fixed school and kindergarten area priorities and fills
  • Fixed Recycling category search
  • Fixed Internet access displaying
  • Fixed descriptions serialization in the edits.xml
  • Fixed text heights rendering
  • Follow our news in "?"


  • Show SD card even if there is not enough space on it
  • Fixed check for free space when updating maps
  • Fixed annoying "location disabled" dialog
  • FDroid users now can update World files
  • Fixed button to view search results on a map on Android 8 and lower
  • Fixed menu colors and the refreshed navigation menu
  • editor.config can be overridden (if you have root)
  • Added matrix, email, OSM links
  • Don't mirror the next turn sign in the LTR layout
  • Fixed RTL zoom buttons covered by Search and Bookmarks in Routing mode

Desktop (yes, Organic Maps can run on Mac and Linux, Windows is almost ready too)

  • Improved Routing settings dialog
  • Flathub, AppStream, Repology support
  • Improved selection toolbar layout
  • Use XDG path for settings

GSoC 2022 reminder: Tomorrow, April 19, is the last day to send your proposals.

Some guidelines for Google Summer of Code 2022 (GSoC) participants who want to become open-source contributors to Organic Maps:

  1. Check the list of our ideas for GSoC and the long list of issues and feature requests from our users. Select what you like or propose your own idea. Discuss it with us if you have any questions.
  2. Start by reading Organic Maps project documentation.
  3. Set up the development environment. Try to build the project and run unit tests or run it on your device/simulator.
  4. Optionally, try to fix or debug an existing issue.
  5. If you are ready to proceed, please register as a contributor on the GSoC website and create a formal proposal to participate. Some guidelines are available here.

The last day to submit a proposal is April 19.

A new Organic Maps update is available in all stores.

AppStore | Google Play | Huawei AppGallery | FDroid

  • New OSM data as of March 14, 2022
  • Wikipedia articles for well-known places
  • Search for organic shops, cafes and restaurants!
  • Improved search suggestions
  • Brighter roads in night mode
  • Darker farmlands and parkings
  • Properly display parkings and parks over hospital grounds
  • Synced visibility for steps and footways
  • Fixed visibility of community_centre
  • Display parkings, parks, etc. over hospital grounds
  • Added bubble_tea and water_well
  • Removed transparent circles from some icons
  • Fixed museum icons
  • Fixed some routing issues
  • Improved and fixed Arabic, Romanian, Spanish translations

Android 🤖

  • Use Material3 style for bottom sheet menus
  • GPS waits for a few seconds for accurate locations on device unlock
  • Fixed layers button overlapping the compass in RTL layout
  • Improved show on map behavior in search and bookmarks

iOS 

  • Fixed appearance of date pickers when editing opening hours
  • Fixed rare crashes after downloading maps
  • Select a proper light/dark CarPlay theme on the startup
  • Automatically switch CarPlay dark/light mode based on the system notification
  • Add date and time to My Position bookmarks
  • Fixed crash on the menu click after hiding the interface

Known issues: Recycling search doesn't work properly. We'll fix it in the next update.

From the AppStore review.

Organic Maps is participating in the Google Summer of Code 2022 program. It motivates university students (and anyone else) to contribute to open-source software.

We started to make a list of features you can work on as a student. You can also add your ideas! We have many other feature requests on our GitHub.

  • Android Auto
  • Track Recorder
  • GPX Format
  • Alternative Routes
  • Public Transport

Please read more details about GSoC and let us know if you are interested.

🤖 February update of Organic Maps is finally also available in Huawei AppGallery and FDroid! The changelog is the same as for the Google Play version.

Finally, meet the updated Organic Maps in Google Play!

Here is the list of most important changes:

  • New OSM data as of February 4, 2022
  • Fixed an old and annoying issue with a broken place information page on Android 11
  • Fixed invalid routes for car & bike
  • Respect "Avoid" setting for bike & walking routes
  • No unlock is needed when OM is active (you can disable it from settings)
  • Search for Water, RV Facilities, and Recycling categories
  • Added some new types: parcel pickup, excrement bags, quay, marina, caravan, dump station, mast, flag pole, funeral directors
  • Fixed not rendered HTML in some bookmark's description
  • Store date and time for My Position bookmarks
  • Refresh AGPS data once per day for faster GPS positioning
  • Fixed some capitals incorrectly marked as cities on a World map
  • Improved German, Italian, and Turkish translations
  • Added FAQ in Turkish 🇹🇷
  • Draw fewer house numbers in navigation mode
  • Fixed towns and cities visibility/priorities on 10-11 zoom levels
  • Prioritized parking over other areas like forests
  • Improved rendering of piers, dams, cutlines
  • Improved train stations and highways visibility
  • Made national parks & military fills less obtrusive

…and many other changes and improvements from our contributors!

Meet new Organic Maps update 2022.02.11 for iOS!

Android update is delayed by Google reviewers, we hope it becomes available soon too.

Here is the changelog:

  • New OSM maps data as of February 4, 2022
  • New Help/About dialog on the main screen
  • Hide bottom toolbar on tap at the empty map
  • Transparent bottom toolbar background


  • Fixed routing bugs with unnecessary exits from the highway
  • Fixed some cyclist routing bugs
  • Respect "Avoid roads" setting for bicycle and pedestrian routes
  • Fixed bug with invalid cross-region routing


  • Added search categories for Water, RV Facilities and Recycling
  • Added parcel pickup, excrement bags, quay, marina, caravan, dump station, mast, flag pole, funeral directors
  • Better displaying of house numbers in navigation
  • Select linear objects instead of area ones on long tap
  • Towns and cities are properly prioritized on 10-11 zoom levels
  • Prioritize parking over other areas like forests
  • Improved rendering of piers, dams, cutlines
  • Improved train stations visibility
  • Made national parks & military fills less obtrusive
  • Adjusted highways visibility
  • Fixed some capitals incorrectly marked as cities on a World map.
  • Corrected some icons


  • Fixed German, Italian and Turkish translations
  • FAQ in Turkish

There are many ways to help us and other users of Organic Maps: Spread the word and share your ideas with us, let's make this World 🌎 a bit more Organic 😉

We have created a Telegram group for Turkish users, moderated by @MetehanOzyurek Join @OrganicMapsTR or use this link.

The latest data update also includes an updated subway/metro map. Please check issues in your cities and fix them in OpenStreetMap for the next data update:

Finally, FDroid update is available too:

There is a regression with KML import on Android. No worries, the fix is already in review.

Update: it’s already available as of January 16.

Meet new January Organic Maps app update, with many improvements from our beloved contributors 🙏!

  • New OSM maps data as of January 3, 2022
  • Improved search results ranking
  • Fixed hundreds of "capitals" on the World map
  • Fixed some invalid inter-region routes (more fixes in the next update!)
  • Search recognizes rd/st/ct=road/street/court synonyms
  • Consistent naming for Bookmark Lists
  • Updated German, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish translations
  • Added incomplete Hebrew and Swahili translations

Also for Android:

  • Duck played music when announcing directions
  • Copy most of the POI info using a long tap
  • Fix non-working FAQ on Android 5 and 6
  • Added Bulgarian translation

Also for iOS:

  • Added Belarusian and Persian translations
  • Slightly changed Find map in Download Maps dialog

Meet Organic Maps app update 21.12.01 🤖 + 🍏

  • New OSM maps data as of November 22
  • Fixed routing between map regions, please test and report to us any issues!
  • Type "water" or "drinking water" in search to find it around yourself
  • Updated Russian, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Chinese translations

🤖 Android:

  • Long tap on a POI/bookmark name/address to copy them into clipboard
  • Reworked opening hours UI
  • Restored "maps update is available" indicator
  • Added LINE contacts to the place page
  • Reduced APK size
  • Updated Vulkan driver libraries

 iOS:

Here is the link to hourly updated OSM data validator related to Public Transport in Organic Maps (subways and light rails). Please, help us to fix red cities in OpenStreetMap and include their subways into the next maps update:

Tell your stories to us and other users. They ignite and inspire us!

Meet November 4 Organic Maps update!

  • New OSM maps data as of October 22
  • Added mountain saddle, mountain pass, silo, storage tank, chain barrier, swing gate map types
  • Fixed some icons and translations

🤖 Android-only:

  • Moved❓Help dialog on the main toolbar for a better new user experience, and to avoid negative feedback from non-geeks. We'll add news there too!
  • APK now has x86_64 arch for Chromebooks and some old Intel Atom devices

Please help with translating Organic Maps into $your_language 🗺️

Read more details in our GitHub Discussions.

In 21.10.15 Google Play update we:

  • Fixed crash for Public Routing in some cities
  • Added workaround for the nasty Android 11 layout bug when the bottom toolbar was screwed up
  • Fixed some translations
  • barrier=swing_gate is now visible on the map

Fdroid is not ready yet, stay tuned.

A new app update is available!

  • New OSM maps data as of 02.10.2021
  • Added healthcare=laboratory type
  • Fixed some map icons and their visibility
  • Fixed rare routing crash
  • Fixed junction, building=hotel, power=substation, railway=subway, tourism=artwork types
  • Fixed missing addresses for some buildings
  • Minor localization fixes

Also for Android:

  • Editable Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VK links for places
  • Copy OSM and Open Location Code coordinates links
  • Fixed black screen on PowerVR Rogue G6110 chips

Sorry, the latest 21.10.07 release for Android has a bug: if you clicked before on coordinates in the place info (to switch coordinates format), then you'll have a crash on startup. Only reinstall can help (but you'll loose your bookmarks!). If you have root access, then close the app and delete /data/data/ file.

If you didn't click on coordinates before, then it should work.

Good news: the fix is already on it's way into app stores! After updating to the latest 21.10.09 version everything will work back again.

Here is the fixed Google Play apk which can be installed manually (the same as is waiting for review now):

Here is the list of OpenStreetMap metro/subways validation results: (hourly) or or

You can help us by fixing red metro lines directly in OpenStreetMap. Then every @OrganicMaps user will have an updated Public Transport map (subways and S-Bahn at the moment).

Some general instructions are here:

And here is info how to validate a separate city:

21.09.14 app update is available in Google Play. We:

  • Fixed missing buttons on the toolbar after the search on Android 11, very annoying bug 🐞!
  • Updated some translations, thanks to our contributors ❤️
  • Fixed incorrectly toggled WiFi when editing a phone number

ℹ️ The latest 21.09.01 update is available in Google Play, App Store and AppGallery with updated OSM maps 🗺️ data snapshot, made on 25th of August. FDroid version is not available yet, because there are some build issues. But with the help of the community they should be resolved soon 🤞

With the help of our community ❤️, in the 21.08.26 update we:

  • Increased maximum number of intermediate stops from 3 to... try to guess 🙂
  • Fixed rare crash when downloading maps
  • Made farmlands more visible on the map
  • Updated 🇧🇷 Brazil and 🇵🇹 Portuguese translations

On Android, in addition:

  • Finally, maps download should work for everyone! You don't need to enable Internet access for Download Manager anymore!
  • Bookmark button ⭐ shows "Save" and "Delete" instead of just "Bookmark"

Get it here:

You can read some highlights about Organic Maps in the French article.

A new experimental Android beta version with improved map downloader is available for testing.

This version should fix 0% download issue once and for all! Please let us know if you still have any issues with maps downloading, or any other issues. We will fix them ASAP!

A minor update is available in Google Play

  • Fixed download progress stuck at 0% and made it fractional
  • Fixed metro/subway entry icons in some cities
  • Added "Report a bug" button in the main menu
  • Fixed invisible button in the navigation panel on Android 6+

Please let us know if you still have any issues with maps downloading, or any other issues. We will fix them ASAP!

Organic Maps is back on Google Play after a temporary problem 🎉

We have a temporary issue with Google Play app availability. Hopefully it will be fixed soon 🤞

News for anyone who wants to support the development of free, open-source, offline, privacy-focused maps for travelers, hikers, motorists, and cyclists. We're accepting 💰donations for servers and new features for your favorite app. Read more here:

Meet a new app update with:

  • 🗺️ Updated OpenStreetMap data
  • Added 🇧🇬Bulgarian and 🇧🇷Brazil translations (thanks to our contributors!)
  • 🍖Picnic tables are on the map!
  • Wrong regions are not offered anymore for cross-region routing
  • Improved ETA for remote tracks and roads
  • Fixed FAQ

🍏 iOS:

  • You can now edit/move/delete tracks and bookmarks
  • CarPlay map is properly aligned
  • Failed downloads are now resumed
  • Aligned bottom bar buttons

🤖 Android:

  • Fixed layout bugs, including RTL languages
  • Fixed some non-working search queries
  • Fixed wrong encoding in bookmark description
  • Fixed import of KML/KMZ files
  • Silence media volume while announcing navigation directions
  • Display and edit multiple phone numbers
  • Reduced apk size

As always, we're counting on your feedback about bugs and issues. Have a happy weekend!

Updated OM 🧘 version 2021.07.08 is here!

Both platforms:

  • Finally, meet the updated OSM map data!
  • Fixed failing OSM login due to OSM backend changes
  • Resized car repair, charging station, museum icons
  • Updated hostel, kindergarten, clothes, dentist icons with a white filling
  • Reduced timeouts for map downloads
  • Fixed crash in the search on regions boundaries
  • Fixed routing crash when point doesn't belong to any map file (in a gap between)
  • Fixed texts in the FAQ


  • Removed annoying top panel when selecting a place on the map
  • Fixed issue when new bookmark set is not assigned to the bookmark after creation
  • Enabled DownloadManager notifications
  • Replaced icons for adding and removing bookmarks
  • Fixed "Mobile Internet" settings


  • Disabled backup for map files
  • Removed non-working traffic button in Navigation mode
  • Added gradient to the app icon

A new 2021-06-24 update is available on Google Play 📦

In this update we:

  • Improved maps downloading speed for certain regions
  • Fixed uploading of map edits to OpenStreetMap
  • Fixed bookmark sharing from Bookmarks (Categories) screen

🍃 🗺

A list of maps data mirrors (supported by community enthusiasts) for those in need is available here:

🚗 iOS update with a (finally!) working CarPlay is live. Happy driving!

Please don't forget, as there are 0 (zero, none) analytics and statistics libraries in Organic Maps, we rely entirely on your detailed feedback about issues you encounter.

There are already many requests from users to add public transport support. It would be great to start using that existing OpenStreetMap data and add/update transport schedules directly from the app. For anyone interested to volunteer, there is also a good starting point here.

To import bookmarks from MapsMe and other apps which support KML/KMZ on Android, open Bookmarks menu from the bottom toolbar and press Import button.

Automated import from iOS is not technically possible, so here is a small guide

Android 5 support, OSM login, bookmarks export, and some other fixes are already in review, as the CarPlay for iOS. Please be patient, or install the latest betas.

🍃 Organic Maps is live!



Please give us ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ on AppStore and Google Play to help this project survive! 🔥


Organic Maps is an open-source Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and curated with love by MAPS.ME founders.

Organic Maps is pure and organic, and free from trackers and other bad stuff:

✅ No ads
✅ No tracking
✅ No data collection
✅ No phoning home
✅ No annoying registration
✅ No mandatory tutorials
✅ No noisy email spam
✅ No push notifications
✅ No crapware
✅ No pesticides 😇

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New GitHub page 🗺

Organic Maps is pure and organic, made with love:

☘ Respects your privacy 🌱 Saves your battery 🍃 No unexpected mobile data charges

Organic Map is free from trackers and other bad stuff:

✅ No ads ✅ No tracking ✅ No data collection ✅ No phoning home ✅ No annoying registration ✅ No mandatory tutorials ✅ No noisy email spam ✅ No push notifications ✅ No crapware ✅ No pesticides 😇

👉 Reject surveillance - spread the word about Organic Maps!

Organic Maps app is now available on F-Droid!

A new beta version 2021-05-21 is out.

The version contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please use updated links:



A new version 2021-05-08 is availiable for iOS and Android.

This update fixes several bugs and includes the latest May data.


  • Fixed crash in bookmarks

Install from TestFlight


  • Fixed crash in Settings
  • Fixed random crashes in the background

Get it on Google Play Download APK from GitHub

No more trackers according to the latest Exodus Privacy Report!

Install Organic Maps from: