December 2, 2022

It's inspiring to know that what we do helps people. Organic Maps is great for many outdoor activities, including hiking. If you are considering the Alps 🏔 for mountain hiking, you can turn to the experts on this subject: The Hiking Club. They have a successful history of preparing and planning for long mountain trips.

The Hiking Club recommends Organic Maps to all their clients, so they can easily import a thoroughly prepared KML file with all significant features and descriptions. And that's great, because the most important thing in the mountains is not to get lost, and to save your device's battery. And here we are (in our humble opinion 😉) the best!

It is easy to import/open bookmarks and tracks/trails in Organic Maps. Select KML or KMZ file (zipped KML), then "Open with..." and select Organic Maps app. Or, for Android, you can select "Import Bookmarks" from Bookmarks dialog, and then choose a drive or a folder with your KML/KMZ. By the way, GPX support is also planned.

In the future, we want to make route and trip planning even more convenient. Stay tuned for our news and updates. And many thanks to everyone who supports our free app and our small team of enthusiasts with words, deeds, and donations!

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