Feed your developers and Organic Maps servers!

We are looking for your help to fund the further development of the Organic Maps application.


Organic Maps promotes the new ideology, which is unique on the market. Our app is entirely free from trackers and other nasty stuff:

No ads, no tracking, no secret deals under the table! There is no even a paid premium version! Everyone can install the full-featured version of Organic Maps from the AppStore, Google Play, F-Droid, or GitHub at no cost.

Moreover, Organic Maps is one of a few applications in 2021 that supports 100% of features without an active Internet connection. Install Organic Maps, download maps, throw away your SIM card (BTW, your operator constantly tracks you), and go for a weekly trip on a single battery charge without any byte sent to the network.

As you can guess, Big Money Brothers are not interested in this project. Nothing to sell. Since the beginning in December 2020, Organic Maps has 0 (zero, null, ноль) corporate and/or investor’s money involved. The development of this fork has been funded only by our personal money, and we continue to do so. This is a massive investment of money and time from our family budgets.

We rely on your donations to carry out our mission to keep Organic Maps open and free!

What will the money be used for?

First of all, we pay for our servers and data transfer costs every month. Assume that with current monthly OSM updates, an average user can download about 500Mb of map data every month. For our existing 100+K users, this will lead to more than 50Tb of downloaded maps per month (and even more with weekly map updates!). For example, AWS charges $0.08 per GB, which means $4.4K per month, just for the traffic. Of course, we are not in California to burn all investor’s money for AWS, but at least you should understand the problem we are facing.

Secondly, we want to focus on fixing bugs and improving the stability of the application. GitHub already has hundreds of issues reported, and this number is growing every day. AppStore, Google Play, and our email are overflooded with comments and bugs. We want to deliver a high-quality product. This is the top priority on our list.

Thirdly, there are many other cool things to do:

How to donate?

We are using GitHub Sponsors, Liberapay and PayPal for donations. Liberapay itself is also free software and run by a team of volunteers, but GitHub is a viable and well-recognized option.

Please prefer recurring donations, if possible. Recurring donations are the best way to ensure a relatively stable income for the project. But you can also donate one time.

Can you help us in any other way?


Any help is welcome! See docs/CONTRIBUTING.md for further details.