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Why donate to Organic Maps?

  1. Our goal is to provide a privacy-focused, fast and easy-to-use alternative to Google Maps and Apple Maps.
  2. Improving public map data for the numerous websites, apps and platforms which use OpenStreetMap, and involving more people in contributing map info is our another goal.
  3. We rely on your donations to keep Organic Maps open and free for everyone. And free from ads.
  4. We love what we do, and we love our users ❤️.

Why a free project needs money?

  1. In 2023, Organic Maps got its first million users. Our servers provide free, fast and frequent map updates all over the world.
  2. User support, bugfixing and publishing quality app updates are at the top of our priorities. There are ~2000 bug reports and feature requests on GitHub, and this number is growing every day. AppStore, Google Play, and support emails are overflooded with comments and bugs. We want to deliver a high-quality product.
  3. With enough money, new features can be developed. To name a few:
    • Backup and sync bookmarks and tracks
    • GPS track recorder with GPX export
    • Satellite imagery
    • Public Transport
    • Traffic and accident reporting
    • Photos and Reviews
    • Map styles for different activities
    • Hill shading and 3D terrain
    • More advanced OpenStreetMap editor
    • Better offline address search, routing, and navigation
    • … and many other features you want and love

How to donate?

Click on your preferred payment method icon below:

Recurring donations are the best way to ensure a relatively stable income for the project and motivate us for long-term tasks and goals. One-time donations are appreciated too.

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Turkish lira (TL, TRY)

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Please consider donating annually to reduce total fees.

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Can you help us in any other way?

Yes! There are many ways to support Organic Maps. Please see Support Us page for more details.