Organic Maps: Latest news and updates from our team

 May 2, 2022 

A new April update of Organic Maps is live in all stores!

Here is the changelog:


Desktop (yes, Organic Maps can run on Mac and Linux, Windows is almost ready too)

 April 18, 2022 

GSoC 2022 reminder: Tomorrow, April 19, is the last day to send your proposals.

 April 11, 2022 

Some guidelines for Google Summer of Code 2022 (GSoC) participants who want to become open-source contributors to Organic Maps:

  1. Check the list of our ideas for GSoC and the long list of issues and feature requests from our users. Select what you like or propose your own idea. Discuss it with us if you have any questions.
  2. Start by reading Organic Maps project documentation.
  3. Set up the development environment. Try to build the project and run unit tests or run it on your device/simulator.
  4. Optionally, try to fix or debug an existing issue.
  5. If you are ready to proceed, please register as a contributor on the GSoC website and create a formal proposal to participate. Some guidelines are available here.

The last day to submit a proposal is April 19.

 March 25, 2022 

A new Organic Maps update is available in all stores.

AppStore | Google Play | Huawei AppGallery | FDroid

Android 🤖

iOS 

Known issues: Recycling search doesn't work properly. We'll fix it in the next update.

 March 16, 2022 

From the AppStore review.

 March 11, 2022 

Organic Maps is participating in the Google Summer of Code 2022 program. It motivates university students (and anyone else) to contribute to open-source software.

We started to make a list of features you can work on as a student. You can also add your ideas! We have many other feature requests on our GitHub.

Please read more details about GSoC and let us know if you are interested.

 February 22, 2022 

🤖 February update of Organic Maps is finally also available in Huawei AppGallery and FDroid! The changelog is the same as for the Google Play version.

 February 21, 2022 

Finally, meet the updated Organic Maps in Google Play!

Here is the list of most important changes:

…and many other changes and improvements from our contributors!

 February 14, 2022 

Meet new Organic Maps update 2022.02.11 for iOS!

Android update is delayed by Google reviewers, we hope it becomes available soon too.

Here is the changelog:




 February 12, 2022 

There are many ways to help us and other users of Organic Maps: Spread the word and share your ideas with us, let's make this World 🌎 a bit more Organic 😉

 February 2, 2022 

We've created a Telegram group for Turkish users, moderated by @MetehanOzyurek Join @OrganicMapsTR or use this link.

 January 23, 2022 

The latest data update also includes an updated subway/metro map. Please check issues in your cities and fix them in OpenStreetMap for the next data update:

 January 18, 2022 

Finally, FDroid update is available too:

 January 15, 2022 

There is a regression with KML import on Android. No worries, the fix is already in review.

Update: it’s already available as of January 16.

 January 14, 2022 

Meet new January Organic Maps app update, with many improvements from our beloved contributors 🙏!

Also for Android:

Also for iOS:

 December 3, 2021 

Meet Organic Maps app update 21.12.01 🤖 + 🍏

🤖 Android:

 iOS:

 November 21, 2021 

Here is the link to hourly updated OSM data validator related to Public Transport in Organic Maps (subways and light rails). Please, help us to fix red cities in OpenStreetMap and include their subways into the next maps update:

 November 21, 2021 
 November 21, 2021 

Tell your stories to us and other users. They ignite and inspire us!

 November 9, 2021 

Meet November 4 Organic Maps update!

🤖 Android-only:

 November 1, 2021 

Please help with translating Organic Maps into $your_language 🗺️

 October 21, 2021 

In 21.10.15 Google Play update we:

Fdroid is not ready yet, stay tuned.

 October 14, 2021 

A new app update is available!

Also for Android:

 October 9, 2021 

Sorry, the latest 21.10.07 release for Android has a bug: if you clicked before on coordinates in the place info (to switch coordinates format), then you'll have a crash on startup. Only reinstall can help (but you'll loose your bookmarks!). If you have root access, then close the app and delete /data/data/

If you didn't click on coordinates before, then it should work.

Good news: the fix is already on it's way into app stores! After updating to the latest 21.10.09 version everything will work back again.

Here is the fixed Google Play apk which can be installed manually (the same as is waiting for review now): or

 September 26, 2021 

Here is the list of OpenStreetMap metro/subways validation results: (hourly) or or

You can help us by fixing red metro lines directly in OpenStreetMap. Then every @OrganicMaps user will have an updated Public Transport map (subways and S-Bahn at the moment).

Some general instructions are here:

And here is info how to validate a separate city:

 September 15, 2021 

21.09.14 app update is available in Google Play. We:

 September 5, 2021 

ℹ️ The latest 21.09.01 update is available in Google Play, App Store and AppGallery with updated OSM maps 🗺️ data snapshot, made on 25th of August. FDroid version is not available yet, because there are some build issues. But with the help of the community they should be resolved soon 🤞

 August 30, 2021 

With the help of our community ❤️, in the 21.08.26 update we:

On Android, in addition:

Get it here:

 August 27, 2021 

Some highlights about Organic Maps in the French article:

 August 23, 2021 

A new experimental Android beta version with improved map downloader is available for testing:

This version should fix 0% problem once and for all! Please let us know if you still have any issues with maps downloading, or any other issues. We will fix them ASAP!

 August 21, 2021 

A minor update is available in Google Play

Please let us know if you still have any issues with maps downloading, or any other issues. We will fix them ASAP!

 August 16, 2021 

Organic Maps is back on Google Play after a temporary problem 🎉

 August 15, 2021 

We have a temporary issue with Google Play app availability. Hopefully it will be fixed soon 🤞

 August 13, 2021 

News for anyone who wants to support the development of free, open-source, offline, privacy-focused maps for travelers, hikers, motorists, and cyclists. We're accepting 💰donations for servers and new features for your favorite app. Read more here:

 August 7, 2021 

Meet a new app update with:

🍏 iOS:

🤖 Android:

As always, we're counting on your feedback about bugs and issues. Have a happy weekend!

 July 10, 2021 

Updated OM 🧘 version 2021.07.08 is here!

Both platforms:



 June 28, 2021 

A new 2021-06-24 update is available on Google Play 📦

In this update we:

🍃 🗺

 June 24, 2021 

A list of maps data mirrors (supported by community enthusiasts) for those in need is available here:

 June 23, 2021 

🚗 iOS update with a (finally!) working CarPlay is live. Happy driving!

Please don't forget, as there are 0 (zero, none) analytics and statistics libraries in Organic Maps, we rely entirely on your detailed feedback about issues you encounter.

 June 20, 2021 

There are already many requests from users to add public transport support. It would be great to start using that existing OpenStreetMap data and add/update transport schedules directly from the app. For anyone interested to volunteer, there is also a good starting point here:

 June 20, 2021 

To import bookmarks from MapsMe and other apps which support KML/KMZ on Android, open Bookmarks menu from the bottom toolbar and press Import button.

Automated import from iOS is not technically possible, so here is a small guide

 June 20, 2021 

Android 5 support, OSM login, bookmarks export, and some other fixes are already in review, as the CarPlay for iOS. Please be patient, or install the latest betas.

 June 17, 2021 

🍃 Organic Maps is live!




Please give us ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ on AppStore and Google Play to help this project survive! 🔥


Organic Maps is an open-source Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and curated with love by MAPSME founders.

Organic Maps is pure and organic, and free from trackers and other bad stuff:

✅ No ads ✅ No tracking ✅ No data collection ✅ No phoning home ✅ No annoying registration ✅ No mandatory tutorials ✅ No noisy email spam ✅ No push notifications ✅ No crapware ✅ No pesticides 😇 (для русскоговорящих)

 June 6, 2021 

New GitHub page 🗺

Organic Maps is pure and organic, made with love:

☘ Respects your privacy 🌱 Saves your battery 🍃 No unexpected mobile data charges

Organic Map is free from trackers and other bad stuff:

✅ No ads ✅ No tracking ✅ No data collection ✅ No phoning home ✅ No annoying registration ✅ No mandatory tutorials ✅ No noisy email spam ✅ No push notifications ✅ No crapware ✅ No pesticides 😇

👉 Reject surveillance - spread the word about Organic Maps!

 May 25, 2021 

Organic Maps app is now available on F-Droid!

 May 24, 2021 

A new beta version 2021-05-21 is out.

The version contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please use updated links:


Google Play: Huawei AppGallery: GitHub APK: Firebase APK:


Apple TestFlight:

 May 9, 2021 

A new version 2021-05-08 is availiable for iOS and Android.

This update fixes several bugs and includes the latest May data.


- Fix a crash in bookmarks

Install from TestFlight:


- Fix a crash in Settings. - Fix random crashes in the background.

Get it on Google Play (Beta) - Download APK from GitHub -

 May 6, 2021 

No more trackers according to the latest Exodus Privacy Report!

Google Play: App Store: