February 14, 2024

A list of articles about Organic Maps we have recently found on the web. Read, enjoy, share! A bit of organic word-of-mouth marketing doesn't hurt 😉

  1. Organic Maps, an alternative to Google Maps https://www.todoandroid.es/en/organic-maps-una-alternativa-a-google-maps/
  2. Let Google Maps rest, this is the app that's coming to replace it, it's free and it doesn't spy on you https://www.smallcapnews.co.uk/let-google-maps-rest-this-is-the-app-thats-coming-to-replace-it-its-free-and-it-doesnt-spy-on-you-teach-me-about-science/
  3. Esta alternativa a Google Maps es de código abierto y permite la navegación GPS sin conexión https://www.20minutos.es/tecnologia/aplicaciones/google-maps-codigo-abierto-navegacion-gps-sin-internet-5207595/
  4. Adiós a Google Maps y Wikiloc: así es Organic Maps, la avanzada apps de mapas que no necesita conexión https://www.elespanol.com/elandroidelibre/aplicaciones/20230909/adios-google-maps-wikiloc-organic-avanzada-apps-mapas-no-necesita-conexion/792421133%5F0.html
  5. Abandona Google Maps con esta otra app que sí cuida tu privacidad en Android y iOS https://depor.com/depor-play/tecnologia/abandona-google-maps-con-esta-otra-app-que-si-cuida-tu-privacidad-en-android-y-ios-organic-maps-google-google-maps-mexico-espana-mx-noticia/
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