December 23, 2023

In 2023 Organic Maps got its first million users. It would not be possible to scale without the help from our beloved community. A million thanks for your energy and time, your donations and support 🙏 ❤️ 🍃

In 2023:

It's possible to do even more in 2024 if we get enough donations to scale the infrastructure, reward our contributors, or hire a full-time working team. One of our goals is to provide a privacy-focused map alternative to Google and Apple Maps. Another goal is to educate and engage more users in contributing to OpenStreetMap. Good map quality means happier hikers, cyclists, drivers, locals, tourists, and explorers. Happier everyone!

Check our Donations page to sneak-peak the roadmap, and subscribe to our Telegram Channel or to the matrix space for updates, or follow OM on Fosstodon,, Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn.

And finally, install the December 2023 release! We have prepared several Christmas 🎅 and New Year presents 🎁 for you:


Most iOS fixes by Kiryl Kaveryn

Styles -- a lot of fixes by Konstantin Pastbin



We wish you Organic Christmas and Organic New Year!

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