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How to import bookmarks and tracks in KML, KMZ, KMB or GPX format?

You can import bookmarks sent from Organic Maps or third party apps if they export bookmarks in KML, KMZ, KMB, GPX formats.

To import a single file:

  1. Locate shared KML, KMZ, KMB, GPX file with bookmarks sent by email, instant messenger or cloud storage, for example, iCloud or Google Drive.

  2. Tap once or tap and hold the KML, KMZ, KMB, GPX file with bookmarks and choose Open with Organic Maps (Android) or "Import with Organic Maps" (iOS) in the pop-up window.

  3. It will be open with Organic Maps and you'll see ‘Bookmarks loaded successfully!’. You can find them on the map or in Bookmarks Menu screen.

Importing bookmarks and tracks in batch is also possible:

  1. Open Organic Maps and tap star button to open list of bookmarks and tracks. Push "Import Bookmarks and Tracks" button.

  2. Select a folder with KML, KMZ, KMB, GPX files. Organic Maps will scan it including subfolders and import all supported files with bookmarks and tracks. You can choose root folder to search over all storage.