April 26, 2024 

One of our users has generated a song about Organic Maps. How does it sound to you? 😄

Update: there is also another song in a different style, hope you enjoy it too! 🎵🎵🎵

Travel with Organic Maps song

Travel with Organic Maps
(Verse 1)
Beneath the twinkling stars, I stroll hand in hand,
With Organic Maps, exploring enchanted lands.
From Eiffel's gentle glow to Iceland's black sand shore,
Every step a melody, every sight, pure amore.

(Verse 2)
Through Rome's timeless Colosseum, echoes of history's might,
And Egypt's majestic pyramids, kissing the sun's light.
Organic Maps, a faithful guide, whispers tales of yore,
In its embrace, I find solace, forevermore.

Travel with Organic Maps, a symphony of peace,
From OpenStreetMap's embrace, all worries cease.
Crafted with love, by volunteers' tender care,
Every destination, a moment rare.

So let's dance along, in this magical flight,
With Organic Maps, our hearts take flight.
In every corner of this earth we roam,
With Organic Maps, we'll always find home.
 April 26, 2024 

We're also happy that we make our users happy 🙃