April 5, 2024 

Let us announce the March/April release (install here) and welcome new contributors:

  • Isira-Seneviratne made their first contribution in #7494
  • Mannivu made their first contribution in #7547
  • Usland123 made their first contribution in #7571
  • muralito made their first contribution in #7574
  • renderexpert made their first contribution in #7618
  • kavikhalique made their first contribution in #7664
  • abhibana made their first contribution in #5047
  • griffinonacid made their first contribution in #7734
  • alnzrv made their first contribution in #7750

Don’t like or miss something in Organic Maps? Fix it, or ask your friends to fix it 😉

Here is the full list of changes. And don’t forget to rate Organic Maps in Google Play, AppStore, Huawei AppGallery and donate to support the development of the best maps app!

  • Better isolines elevation data for European countries, thanks to Sonny
  • OpenStreetMap data as of March 26
  • Bookmark lists are sorted by modification time (recent at the top)
  • Eye icons for visible/hidden bookmark lists
  • Many new objects can be added to OpenStreetMap: various shops and crafts, BBQs, food courts, lang schools, cairns, money transfer points, etc.
  • Add "wheelchair" to the search input to limit results to wheelchair-accessible
  • Searchable orders pickup points (shop=outpost)


  • Distance and time do not freeze anymore in CarPlay
  • Fixed wrong time and distance when switching planned route modes
  • Fixed the wrong 'saved bookmark' icon
  • Added a long tap back button menu


  • OpenStreetMap login works again!
  • Made the "View On Map" search results button bigger and with a caption -- by a new contributor kavikhalique!
  • Fixed button overlaps in landscape route building for RTL languages -- also by kavikhalique
  • Fixed crash when importing GPX, KML, KMZ from the Files app
  • Serbian TTS voice
  • Button to open system TTS settings in voice options
  • Deleted bookmark lists are properly removed
  • Removed ripples effect from sliding tabs in search

Android Auto 🚘:

  • FreeDrive screen
  • Navigation is automatically starting
  • Faster bookmarks screen

Linux desktop/mobile version:

  • Place information page is much more user-friendly

Map styling:

  • Added wind turbines and power plant icons
  • Reduced visibilities of many outdoors-specific POIs when in the main map style, e.g., waterfalls, mountain peaks, shelters, power towers, etc. (use the Outdoors style for those!)
  • More consistent font sizes and caption appearances

Translations updates:

  • Slovak, Italian, Spanish, Hindi
  • Fixed police, parking, and sights category search for simplified Chinese

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