February 14, 2023 

This release includes the updated map data for Turkey and Syria, including the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team changes after the recent earthquake. Accurate maps are crucial in disaster response, as they may assist with better planning and navigation for those who help on the ground. We appreciate everyone who has ever contributed to the OpenStreetMap. If you would like to start contributing now, please follow this link.

The list of changes in this Organic Maps release:

  • New OpenStreetMap data as of February 10
  • Filtered incorrect search results in both the list and on the map
  • Improved next-turn notifications for shorter distances
  • Better icons for main and secondary building entrances
  • Improved Persian and fixed some errors in the Polish and German translations


  • Fixed crash on opening
  • Fixed not visible error messages in the Editor


See more examples of our API and URL schemes for both Android and iOS at https://omaps.app/api