January 27, 2023 

We are excited to announce our first update of 2023. We’ve included a comprehensive list of improvements, as always, thanks to the support and input from our dedicated Organic Maps community. Great work by all of us. 🙏

  • New OpenStreetMap data as of January 21, 2023
  • Fixed import of some KML tracks
  • Automatic search for the current position in 30 hours of inactivity instead of 8 hours
  • Improved search categories results
  • Proper spelling of Australia in search results
  • leisure=track is now searchable

iOS 🍏

  • Fixed invisible text hints in Settings in the dark theme

Android 🤖

  • Enabled Basque, Belarussian, Croatian, Norwegian, Marathi, Swahili languages in TTS

Routing 🚗

  • Proper handling of elevation for hiking and cycling
  • Fixed inter-region routing
  • Fixed routing via some bridges
  • Busways are supported
  • Added Croatia to Schengen area

Styles 🎨

  • Fixed Buenos Aires metro icons
  • Added Bowling Alley
  • Fixed historic=fountain and tourism=information-office icon
  • Equal icon sizes for springs & hot springs

Editor 🗺️

  • Allowed editing names with /\°[] symbols
  • Added amenity=public_bookcase
  • Increased the maximum editable building floors from 25 to 50

Translations 🌐

  • Fixed Brazil, Czech, French, Hungarian, Spanish (Mexican), Turkish
  • Fixed TTS translations for Finnish and Portuguese

Linux 🖥️

  • Import upper-case KML and KMZ files on case-sensitive Linux file systems
  • Use Organic Maps server to check if a connection is alive