June 22, 2024

The major June update and a follow-up OSM data-only update (with a hotfix for the iOS app hanging) were successfully published and are available in all app stores and on our GitHub.

Thanks to Viktar Havaka, now you can search for the US zip codes and UK postcodes! The external address data is taken from the TIGER database and Ordnance Survey, and pre-processed by Nominatim project used in OpenStreetMap search.

Another major feature is street name announcements during the navigation, contributed by Will Bradley. Please enable it in OM settings, and let us know about any issues.

A long-awaited iOS iCloud synchronization is also available, thanks to Kiryl Kaveryn. Please enable it in OM settings (you will be offered to back up all your bookmarks and tracks first) and report any issues.

Bookmarks and tracks GPX export is also ready, in addition to the existing KML (KMZ) export. It will become very handy when we finish the long-awaited Track Recorder feature. Kudos to cyber-toad!

As always, thanks to everyone for your contributions, donations, support, and positive reviews. They motivate and inspire our team!

General changes and fixes:


Android Auto:


Mobile Linux and Desktop versions:

Updated Czech, German, and Portuguese translations.

🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

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