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Text-to-Speech on Android


Organic Maps uses the system text-to-speech (TTS) engine for voice instructions. The default engines vary by device. The choices can include Google Text-to Speech, device manufacturer's engine or a third-party one.

The official recommendation from Organic Maps is RHVoice, which is a free and open source speech engine that can be downloaded from Google Play and F-Droid.


If you cannot find the relevant setting, open the settings app and search for Text-to-speech.

P.S: Do note that these steps will vary based on the phone brand you are using.

Said options may not appear if you don't have a TTS already installed on your device. Please refer to the table below to install any one of them that supports your native language.




Below is a comprehensive list showing several engines and the languages they support (download links can be found after the table):

Language  Supported TTS Engines
Afrikaans  eSpeak
Albanian  RHVoice, eSpeak
Arabic  Vocalizer, Acapela, Nuance
Aragonese  eSpeak
Armenian  eSpeak
Basque  Vocalizer, Nuance
Bengal  Vocalizer, Google, Nuance
Bhojpuri  Vocalizer, Nuance
Bulgarian  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Cantonese  Vocalizer, Google, Nuance, eSpeak
Catalan  Vocalizer, Acapela, Nuance, eSpeak
Croatian  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Czech  Vocalizer, Acapela, Nuance, eSpeak
Danish  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Dongbei  Vocalizer
Dutch (BE)  Vocalizer, Nuance
Dutch (NL)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance
English (AU)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Nuance, RHVoice
English (IE)  Vocalizer, Nuance
English (IN)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Nuance
English (SCT)  Vocalizer, Nuance, RHVoice
English (UK)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Yandex, RHVoice, eSpeak
English (US)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Yandex, Nuance, RHVoice, eSpeak
English (ZA)  Vocalizer, Nuance
Esperanto  RHVoice, eSpeak
Estonian  eSpeak
Faroese  Acapela
Farsi  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Finnish  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Nuance, eSpeak
French (BE)  Vocalizer
French (CA)  Vocalizer, Nuance
French (FR)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Galician  Vocalizer, Nuance
Georgian  RHVoice, eSpeak
German  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Greek  Vocalizer, Acapela, Nuance, eSpeak
Hebrew  Vocalizer, Nuance
Hindi  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Hungarian  Vocalizer, Google, Nuance, eSpeak
Icelandic  eSpeak
Indonesian  Vocalizer, Google, Nuance, eSpeak
Irish  eSpeak
Italian  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Japanese  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Nuance
Kannada  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Korean  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Nuance
Kurdish  eSpeak
Kyrgyz  RHVoice
Latvian  eSpeak
Lithuanian  eSpeak
Lojban  eSpeak
Macedonian  RHVoice, eSpeak
Malay  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Malayalam  eSpeak
Mandarin (CN)  Vocalizer, Acapela, eSpeak
Mandarin (TW)  Vocalizer, Google, Nuance
Marathi  Vocalizer, Nuance
Nepalese  eSpeak
Norwegian  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Polish  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, RHVoice, eSpeak
Portuguese (BR)  Vocalizer, RHVoice
Portuguese (PT)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Punjabi  eSpeak
Romanian  Vocalizer, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Russian  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Yandex, RHVoice, eSpeak
Serbian  eSpeak
Shaanxi  Vocalizer
Shanghainese  Vocalizer
Sichuanese  Vocalizer
Slovak  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Slovenian  Vocalizer
Spanish (AR)  Vocalizer, Nuance
Spanish (CL)  Vocalizer, Nuance
Spanish (CO)  Vocalizer
Spanish (ES)  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Spanish (MX)  Vocalizer
Swahili  eSpeak
Swedish  Vocalizer, Ivona, Nuance, eSpeak
Tamil  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Telugu  Vocalizer
Tatar  RHVoice
Thai  Vocalizer, Google, Nuance
Turkish  Vocalizer, Google, Acapela, Ivona, Yandex, Nuance, eSpeak
Ukrainian  Vocalizer, Nuance, RHVoice
Valencian  Vocalizer
Vietnamese  Vocalizer, Nuance, eSpeak
Welsh  eSpeak


If you’re having trouble initializing the RHVoice TTS engine on LineageOS or other custom ROMs, try this workaround. RHVoice may not initialize properly and the app may crash, especially if you haven’t used any TTS engine on your phone before (e.g., new installation, factory reset, etc.). If you’re using a custom ROM like LineageOS without Google Play services and Speech Services by Google, and you want to use RHVoice as your preferred TTS engine, follow the instructions below as a workaround:

  1. Install the eSpeak TTS engine available on F-Droid
  2. Set it as the preferred system engine
    • Go to LineageOS main Settings.
    • Scroll down to Accessibility.
    • Select text-to-speech output and Preferred engine (left side) and make sure eSpeak is selected.
  3. Go back and press play to see if it is working
  4. Install RHVoice available on F-droid.
    • Open it, select the language you want to use, tap on the cloud icon (far left) to download voices.
    • Press play button to verify if it is working
  5. Set RHVoice as preferred engine (see step 2)
  6. Now, you should be able to use RHVoice without any problems


In order to test the voice instructions, you can tap on "Test Voice Directions (TTS, Text-To-Speech)" in OM "Settings → Voice Instructions" menu or you can actually start a navigation to receive any voice output. Organic Maps will not give you any voice instructions while you're standing still.

TTS Test